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How long should you wear an SI belt?

The terms trochanter belt, trochanteric belt, and sacroiliac belt all mean the same thing and are often used interchangeably. A Trochanter belt is worn to heal SI conditions in the long run, the patient is recommended to wear it 23 hours per day (leaving one hour to shower and change) for 3-4 months. Rehab Store offers high-quality, non-slip belts with rigid support to the joints from top manufacturers like Core Products, and OPTP.

Do Sacroiliac Belts work?

In most doctors' practice, the first choice of treatment is anti-inflammatory medication, a Sacroiliac belt/ trochanteric belt, and alteration of activities. SI belts help in stabilizing the sacroiliac joint. These are belts that are approx. 6 to 8 inches wide and goes around the pelvis (not the lower back). It’s very important to wear these belts in the right manner and with correct positioning. There are no 'types' in a trochanteric belt as patients using them choose among the available options according to their suitability.

It should be noted that a sacroiliac belt can be worn without the hazards of muscle weakness as we see in the case of lumbar braces and such. The most important thing about the SI joints is that there are really no big muscle units that can cross the joint. This is why it is very difficult to rehabilitate with traditional physical therapy, and why there are no big muscles to get weak by wearing the sacral belt. So, if the Sacroiliac belt works, you can wear it indefinitely without any downside.

Which Sacroiliac belt is the best?

It’s really a matter of comfort since most people who benefit from it will wear it often so the sizing and comfort should be optimal. You may choose the fabric as per your own preference, taking in account several factors such as your allergies, and also check the level of comfort and go for something that suits yours needs the best.

Where to buy Belly belts for Women Online?

Sacroiliac belt help in stabilizing the sacroiliac joint and healing SI condition in long run. Rehab Store offers a wide range of Sacroiliac belts from top manufacturers such as Advanced Orthopaedics, A-t Surgical, and Chattanooga Group, to name a few.

Get relief from painful pelvis and sacroiliac joints (SI Joints) with supports designed for the purpose. These supports are made of soft, breathable fabric and are comfortable to wear. We carry sacroiliac belts for post-partum symphysis, pubis dysfunction and supports with criss-cross strapping system, all in different sizes and at great prices!

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