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What is AFO?  

AFO braces for adults are foot braces used to relieve drop foot pain. Drop foot or foot drop is a medical condition in which brain nerves stop sending messages to the foot to lift it for walking; this condition commonly occurs after a stroke. In foot drop, the person must drag their foot to walk, for which an ankle foot orthosis or AFO brace is used.   

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Benefits of AFO Braces For Adults  

AFO Braces For Adults is the most efficient way to deal with drop feet and improve walking. Here are the benefits of using ankle-foot orthosis-  

  • Helps prevent falling, and the patient can walk easily  
  • Provides additional support to weakened muscles  
  • Provides added protection against exterior blows  
  • AFO ensures that the foot and ankle are in the correct position  
  • Helps reduce pain and provides support to the foot and ankle  

Who needs AFO Foot Drop Brace For Shoes

  • People with foot drop from stroke or nerve issues.
  • Helps regain normal walking rhythm.
  • Improves energy efficiency while walking.

How to wear an AFO brace?  

AFO Braces For Adults are available in multiple varieties, and they all are designed in a ‘V’ shape. There are some basic tips to follow to do a foot orthosis. In order to wear an AFO, the patient needs to follow these steps-  

  • Slide your foot into the foot drop brace  
  • Make sure your heels are pushed all the way back and properly fit in the brace  
  • Your foot should be completely seated on the brace  
  • Fastened the attached straps  
  • Ensure that the drop foot brace perfectly fits and is comfortable on your leg  

What to Look for in an AFO Brace for Foot Drop

  • When choosing a brace for foot drop, it's important to consider a few things. First, think about whether you want a rigid brace for more support or a softer, more comfortable one. Rigid ones are supportive, while softer ones are comfy but less supportive.
  • Next, decide if you want a hinged brace, which lets you use your ankle muscles, or a solid one, which fully supports the foot and ankle. Hinged ones may be better for keeping your ankle flexible.
  • You also have to choose between a custom-made brace, made just for you, or a prefabricated one that's ready-made. Custom-made ones are personalized, but prefabricated ones might be okay if you only need it for a short time.
  • Think about whether you want the brace to be easily hidden or if it's okay for it to be visible. Some people prefer a discreet brace.
  • Lastly, consider the cost. Braces can vary in price, so think about what works with your insurance and budget.


Every foot brace requires some precaution and foot care to make it work perfectly. Precautions that are needed while using an AFO brace are-  

  • You should not wear an AFO brace for the whole day. You may wear it for an hour initially and gradually increase the time  
  • Make sure the straps of the foot brace are working correctly  
  • Keep the orthosis clean to avoid infections and maintain hygiene  
  • Wear a long sock without wrinkles under the AFO  

Buying guide for ankle foot orthosis  

1. Construction of AFO brace

AFO brace comes in multiple types and materials. It is either made of lightweight plastic or thick metal. A plastic foot brace allows mobility and independence as much as required. The metal orthosis is slightly heavier than plastic but provides better foot coverage and protection.  

2. Size and shape of drop foot brace 

Foot Drop Brace comes in various sizes and shapes to fit every foot and provide foot support. It depends on the patient’s condition, either it requires full coverage or mild support is enough to support the foot.  

Our Best AFO Braces For Adults

Where to buy AFO Brace For Foot Drop Online?  

Foot Drop Brace, also known as a drop foot brace, is a perfect solution to relieve pain and discomfort from drop foot. Rehab Store offers you a variety of foot braces from reputed manufacturers like BSN Medical, Enovis, Advanced Orthopaedics, Alimed, Complete Medical Supplies Inc., and many more. 

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