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We have different types of ankle foot orthosis which is an L-shaped brace that surrounds the ankle and keeps it in a firm position. It immobilizes the area, minimizes abnormal walking patterns and aids in normal gait. The posterior leaf splint orthosis is multipurpose and helps promote dorsiflexion in flaccid extremities. Check out the one from Lenjoy Medical which allows the heel to float freely to prevent skin breakdown. The AFO from Optec is ideal for dorsiflexion assist, drop foot control, medial-lateral control, neurological deficit and plantar flexion resist.

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What is an AFO Brace?

Ankle and Foot orthosis is specifically fashioned to support your ankle or foot after an injury or surgery. AFO Braces keep the foot and ankle in the right position. These are commonly used by patients who suffer from foot drop.

What are Foot and Ankle Braces used for?

Foot Braces orthoses offer good contracture management. Foot drop is a medical condition wherein one needs an AFO, and therefore, sometimes these foot braces are also known as foot drop braces. Foot drop braces are also used to treat Plantar Fasciitis, ankle pain, and multi sclerosis. Interestingly, Ankle-foot orthoses are the most commonly used rehab aids. Moreover, Ankle and foot braces can offer equal stabilization levels as the orthopedic cast boots with better function and patient compliance.

Who can prescribe AFOs?

Ankle and foot orthoses are manufactured with plastic, carbon fiber, or metals, with several rigidity levels based on the requirements of the patients. An accurate prescription for an AFO involves a medical professional and a thorough foot examination. An ankle-foot orthosis is a support aid to control the positioning and movement of the ankle, help people with lower limb weakness, and correct deformities. It helps diminish the chances of the toe getting caught and falling. Moreover, the idea of using an AFO is to stabilize the foot and ankle and provide toe clearance during the gait training.

Types of Ankle and Foot Braces

Usually, AFOs create an L-shaped frame around the foot and ankle and extend from below the knee straight to the metatarsal heads of the foot. Different people require different types of Lower Limb Orthosis to meet their specific needs.

Carbon Fiber AFO

  • Has dynamic semi-flexible footplate
  • Promote natural gait
  • Enhance the strength and stability

Carbon Fiber AFO is a lightweight, low-profile design, a modern solution to provide additional strength and stability, with no contact with the critical pressure points. These orthoses facilitate a casual gait pattern, thus ideal for active patients.

Swedish AFOs

  • Low profile design
  • Better airflow for more comfort and stability
  • Heat-moldable brace, trimmable to fit individuals

Swedish AFO brace delivers a moderate level of lateral stability. These streamline designed braces offer static dorsiflexion assistance for an easy and comfortable fit. The open calf and heel provide cool comfort and a better shoe fit. A trimmable footplate can help the orthoses fit any shoe. These are ideal for those with a moderately active lifestyle.

Where can I buy AFO Brace for Foot Drop?

Rehab Store carries a wide range of ankle-foot orthoses with varying degrees of foot coverage. Our catalog has many braces to cover the entire foot or keep the foot free and breathing. Order best Ankle and Foot braces from best manufacturers like Patterson Medicals, Djo Incorporated, Advanced Orthopaedics, Alimed, and many more now!

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