Alimed Freedom Swedish AFO

Alimed Freedom Swedish AFO

Brand/Manufacturer: ALIMED
  • FSA Approved

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Freedom Swedish AFO is an injection-molded polyethylene splint that provides static dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability for the entire foot-ankle area. The low arch and open heel give it a streamlined profile that fits easily into any shoe. AFO Brace features a padded hook and loop strap, and footplate, which can be trimmed with scissors.

Benefits of Freedom Swedish AFO

  • Padded hook & loop strap
  • The footplate can be trimmed with scissors
  • Provides static dorsiflexion assistance
  • Injection molding allows for thicker polypropylene

Item # Desc Pkg Price
81100601 Womens Left, White Each
81100619 Womens Right, White Each
81100627 Mens Left, White Each
81100635 Mens Right, White Each
81100643 Womens Left, Black Each
81100650 Womens Right, Black Each
81100668 Mens Left, Black Each
81100676 Mens Right, Black Each

Alimed Freedom Swedish Ankle Foot Orthosis Features

  • Swedish AFO provides static dorsiflexion assistance
  • Effective in improving gait and balance
  • Improves walking patterns by limiting movement of the lower leg
  • Available in left or right, men's and women's styles
  • Injection molding allows for thicker polypropylene on the vertical aspect for rigidity
  • Heat gun may be used to form the Freedom Swedish AFO splint further if desired
  • Padded hook-and-loop strap secures the AFO around the calf
  • Shoe Size:
    • Mens fits up to Men's Size 12
    • Womens fits up to Women's size 9-1/2

When to use Freedom Swedish Ankle Foot Orthosis?

  • Patient with partial foot amputation
  • People with drop foot from dorsiflexion weakness with mild to moderate spasticity
  • People with slight impairment of the plantar flexion muscles
  • Arthritis
  • Tendonitis of the ankle or heel
  • Chronic ankle instability
  • Neuromuscular problems (post-stroke etc.)

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How to Treat Foot Drop?

  • Foot Splints and Braces:
    • A foot splint can help keep your foot and ankle flexible.
    • You can choose to wear a foot splint during nighttime.
    • A foot brace prevents toes from dragging by keeping the forefoot elevated. A lightweight brace can be worn with almost any sandal or shoe.
    • They can easily be kept hidden under pants or socks.
  • Exercise and Stretching:
    • Perform low-impact exercises such as yoga, swimming, stationary biking, and stretching to improve the tone of your leg.

What if Foot Drop is left untreated?

Accidental tripping and falls can lead to painful injuries and hospitalizations. Over time foot drop can lead to pain, discomfort and reduced range of motion in your back, ankles and legs. Proper treatment of foot drop can considerably improve the quality of your life.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does foot drop cause balance problems?

An Ankle-Foot orthosis is a custom made foot brace used to support muscles, immobilize joints, and/or correct the position of your foot and ankle in case of a strain or injury. It may be made of metal, thermoplastic, or a combination of materials.

What does an AFO do?

Yes, a foot drop may cause balance problems.

How long does a foot drop take to heal?

A foot drop may take up to 6 weeks to heal. However, it may take longer if the injury is severe. Major injuries may cause a permanent foot drop condition.

How long should you wear an AFO brace?

An AFO brace is worn for up to 4 hours. Recheck your skin after 4 hours, and if you don’t find any swelling and the skin is just pink in color, you can reapply the brace for the next 4 hours. If you find any discoloration or discomfort, discontinue use.

Alimed Freedom Swedish AFO Specifications

Particulars Specifications
Target Area Left / Right Foot
Brand FREEDOM Swedish AFO
Application Ankle / Foot Orthosis
Color Black / White
Material Polyethylene
Size Men - 12 , Women 9-1/2



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