Top 5 AFO Braces for Foot Drop

AFO brace for foot drop provides stability and support to the affected foot when walking on the ground. AFO braces limit the speed of the foot with weak muscles during foot drop or slap. An ankle-foot orthotic is manufactured with high-quality materials that are skin friendly and can either be worn off the shelf or custom molded as a walking cast

What is Foot Drop? 

Foot drop is a condition in which a person has to drag either of their legs on the floor while walking. Drop foot may be a result of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), multiple sclerosis, or stroke that affects nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, causing loss of control of muscles in the foot. People who lose muscle control in their foot face difficulty lifting their forefoot, this type of gait is known as steppage gait. 

How does AFO Brace help Foot Drop? 

The basic function of a foot drop splint is to keep the toe aligned with the rest of the foot and prevent the toe from reaching the floor by forming a frame around the ankle and foot that supports the posterior leg and plantar fascia, reducing the possibility of abnormal gait. AFO brace for foot drop helps prevent dorsiflexion, decreases the risk of tripping over, and allows normal walking without assistance. 

5 Top Selling AFO Brace for Foot Drop 

1. Optec Solid Ankle Short AFO Brace 

Optec Solid Ankle Short AFO (Ankle Foot Orthosis) Brace helps to satisfy the needs of individuals with dorsiflexion by providing excellent support and assistance. Drop foot ankle brace is made of durable polypropylene plastic and is ideal for functionality and comfort. People dealing with drop foot, neurological defects, or plantar fasciitis may find this brace for drop foot helpful in proper walking and door foot assist. 

Optec Short AFO Brace Features 

  • Brace for drop foot is great for ankle and foot management by providing proper support and stability. 
  • Short Sole plate of the AFO for foot drop facilitates wearing in shoes of any style. 
  • Foot brace for drop foot is constructed with polypropylene material that ensures durability and enhances functionality. 
  • Hook and loop closure kit secure leg and foot prevent slips

2. Comfortland Foot Drop Splint foot and ankle

Comfortland Foot Drop Splint is anatomically designed to provide drop foot control associated with CVA, peroneal nerve palsy, and other neurological pathologies. AFO brace for foot drop is constructed from an injection-molded polypropylene, making it lightweight and suitable with most shoes.  

Drop foot brace for walking can be easily trimmed to allow a custom fit to the individuals.  AFO ankle brace features a variable thickness design with a thinner front area that delivers static dorsiflexion assistance and lateral stability for the affected foot-ankle area. 

Comfortland Foot Drop Splint Features 

  • Drop foot ankle brace aids with drop foot syndrome help individuals to walk properly. 
  • AFO ankle brace Provides sturdy support to affected foot and ankle with foot drop 
  • Polypropylene constructed AFO brace for plantar fasciitis comfortable to wear. 
  • Lightweight and durable drop foot splint allow easy wear with any style of shoe. 
  • Variable thickness design assists foot drop or dorsiflexion. 
  • Easily trimmed to provide a custom fit to the user. 

3. FLA Orthopedics HealWell Soft Ease Multi-AFO Heel Suspender 

FLA Orthopedics HealWell Soft Ease Multi-AFO Heel Suspender is designed to position the foot with the heel completely suspended. The Soft Ease of the AFO brace for foot drop has a distinct shape that allows the heel to float in an air cavity with absolutely no contact which helps reduce pressure in the heel. An integrated toe post protects the toes from contact with bed linens, and the resilient plastic base aids in maintaining a neutral foot position. 

FLA Orthopedics HealWell Soft Ease Features 

  • Straps of AFO braces are adjustable to accommodate changes in swelling. 
  • Brace for drop foot has super soft laminated foam material that cushions the leg with extra comfort and padding at the sensitive Achilles area. 
  • Super soft material wicks moisture away and keeps the foot infection free. 
  • AFO braces keep skin dry and reduce friction and shear. 
  • Drop foot splint cover is one complete piece that can be easily removed and easy to clean. 

4. Push Ortho AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis 

Push Ortho AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis manufactured with a new, innovative drop foot system that has a unique stapping helps to regain natural gait in dorsiflexion and makes walking safe, and enables climb stairs. The Push ortho AFO brace has an adjustable level of dorsiflexion useful for all recovery stages. Brace for drop foot is flexible, comfortable, and wearable with different styles of shoes. 

Push Ortho AFO Ankle Foot Orthosis Features 

  • Foot drop ankle brace lifts foot in swing phase (dynamic dorsiflexion) and controls foot stability in the stance phase of walking (plantar flexion) 
  • AFO ankle brace allows natural movement of toes and forefoot. 
  • AFO braces support both medial and lateral sides of the ankle, controlling inversion and eversion. 
  • Secures foot to orthosis, allowing a wide variety of shoe styles 
  • Drop foot splint Can be machine washed on gentle cycle at low temperature. 

5. OCSI SoftPro Ambulating AFO 

OCSI SoftPro Ambulating AFO is made of a flexible material and will provide a gentle dorsiflexion stretch of the ankle and foot. AFO brace for foot drop has attached ambulating pad allows the individual with foot drop to bear weight and walk. AFO ankle brace features Dorsi - Flex of the plastic insert allow reversal of plantarflexion so as to facilitate weight bearing and transitional walking. 

SoftPro Ambulating AFO Features 

  • A hip rotation bar in drop foot ankle can be used to control external / internal rotation of the hip 
  • The SoftPro Ambulating AFO is a transitional AFO designed to treat mild lost range of motion of the ankle/foot and to facilitate assisted weight bearing and initial gait training. 
  • Brace for drop foot is a transitional AFO and not intended for people who are active ambulators. 
  • AFO brace for foot drop provides static therapy – support, protection and position to the affected foot. 
  • Offers progressive extension stretch therapy with AFO ankle brace is effectively treats plantar flexion. 

Where can I buy AFO brace for foot drop? 

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