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What is a Rolling Shower Chair?

Limited mobility, poor balance, and weaker bones and muscles can make it difficult to perform daily hygiene and toileting activities. Furthermore, mobility issues can pose a serious threat in the bathroom. No matter what the reason for your physical limitation is, it must not stop you from observing a proper hygiene routine. A shower wheelchair is a bathing aid that can make bathing and toileting easier and safer for both the user and the caregiver. The rolling shower chair offers the 3-in-1 convenience of a transport chair, a shower chair, and a commode in one chair.

These specially designed shower chairs make it easy to roll into and out of wet areas without risk of falls. At Rehab Store, we carry a wide range of safe, strong, and durable rolling shower chairs appropriate for people with both temporary and long-term disabilities and those recovering from illness, injury, or surgery.

Shower Wheelchair features

  • Made of waterproof and rust-free material
  • Comes with a detachable receptacle
  • Drop down handle for safe transfer
  • Adjustable floor-to-seat height
  • Comes with swing-away footrests
  • Some shower wheelchairs feature seat belts for safety
  • Open at the back to provide access for hygiene purposes
  • Can be self-propelled or pushed by the caregiver
  • Some shower wheelchairs come with padded seats, armrests, and backrests to optimize user comfort
  • Can be positioned over a standard toilet or be used as a self-contained commode
  • Comes with swivel wheels with locking castors

Who should use a Shower Chair with Wheels?

The wet surface of the bathroom can be potentially hazardous for those with reduced mobility or poor balance, strength, or injuries that make standing in the shower difficult. Using a shower wheelchair can minimize the risk of falls and make it easier to maintain personal hygiene. People with the following conditions may benefit from a shower wheelchair:

  • Old age with impaired mobility
  • Lower or upper body mobility issues of any age
  • Poor balance and stability
  • Arthritis or joint conditions that cause standing difficult
  • Recovering from injuries or surgeries

Rolling Shower Chair benefits

A rolling shower chair allows easy and safe maneuvering in the bathroom with a disability. The shower wheelchair makes it easy to bathe, use the commode, wash hands, brush teeth, and take care of other personal hygiene activities. Following are the benefits of owning a shower wheelchair:

  • Helps in a safer experience while in the shower
  • Improves personal hygiene 
  • Prevents slippage and falls
  • Allows caregivers to assist patients without straining their bodies
  • Promotes independence and self-reliance
  • An inexpensive way to gain mobility
  • Improves quality of life

Shower Wheelchair Buying Guide

Construction of the Shower Chair: The shower chair must be strong and durable enough to support repetitive use but lightweight for easy maneuverability. Rolling shower commode chairs should be constructed with water-resistant and rust-free material to withstand constant water contact. Other design elements to look for include quick-drying backrests and seats that will not retain water.

Rolling Shower Chair types: There are a plethora of shower wheelchairs that you can choose from depending on your needs and preferences. To determine which rolling shower chair is ideal, consider your height, weight, and mobility needs. The primary shower wheelchair types are:

Foldable shower chairs are convenient for small spaces because you can fold them up when you are not using them. You may consider this type if you travel often.

The swivel rolling shower chair has a swiveling seat to make transferring in and out of the shower more convenient.

Bariatric shower wheelchairs can help those who weigh 250 pounds or more. The seats are wider and deeper to ensure comfort.

A reclining shower wheelchair offers the option to take a relaxing shower with easy accessibility to reach and clean all your body parts. Duralife Deluxe Reclining Shower And Commode Chair is wide enough to accommodate larger users.

Weight capacity of the Shower Wheelchair: When buying a wheeled commode shower chair, ensure it safely accommodates the user’s weight. Columbia PVC Hi-Back Bariatric Shower and Commode Chair supports up to 700 lb weight capacity. Choose between the pediatric, standard, and bariatric models according to your requirement.

Propulsion: Shower wheelchairs can be either self-propelled or pushed by the caregiver or attendant. If you plan to use a shower commode chair independently, be sure to choose models designed for that purpose with larger back wheels. Whatever model you choose, they should be easy to navigate and control on wet floors and should provide ergonomic propulsion. Clarke Aquatec OceanSP shower commode chair has large self-propel wheels ideal for independent use.

Shower Wheelchair seats: Shower wheelchair seats should be wide and comfortable enough to accommodate you. Some seats come with padding that may be beneficial. Some seats have cutouts, making them ideal for both toileting and showering.

Adjustability: Many rolling shower chairs offer adjustability to meet individual user needs. The height adjustability feature is helpful when different people will use the shower chair and for growing children. Adjustable footrests optimize angle comfort and maximize user comfort. Adjustable tilt functionality helps reduce pressure and enhance positioning.

Where can I buy a Rolling Shower Chair online?

Utilizing the bathroom is fundamental to everyone. However, people with reduced mobility and strength find it difficult and unsafe to do. Rehab Store brings a vast selection of shower wheelchairs to address this problem, making it easier and safer to bathe and use the commode. We supply sturdy yet lightweight and high-quality rolling shower chairs from our esteemed vendors, like Healthline Medical, Duralife, Clarke Health Care, etc., at attractive prices and discounts. Shop today!