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What is forefoot? 

The forefoot is the anterior portion of your foot. It contains five metatarsals, fourteen phalange bones, and a complex network of muscles, ligaments, tendons, nerves, and blood vessels. When we take a step, the forefoot hits the ground first. The forefoot carries and balances almost half of the body's total weight and is designed to handle significant force and wear-and-tear.  

Forefoot disorders are caused by forefoot structural deformities, wearing ill-fitting or high-heeled shoes, altered foot alignment, overuse, and foot arthropathy. Forefoot problems can be debilitating and interfere with activities of daily living. Fortunately, many forefoot conditions can be managed with conservative treatments, including corrective shoes, insoles, foot supports and orthotics, and oral medications. 

Rehab Store offers a wide range of foot care products to solve all your forefoot problems. Get protection for your forefoot and help injuries heal faster with foot supports like metatarsal pads, toe protectors, toe cushions, bunion splints, toe separators, blister pads, and many more. All these foot care supplies are effective, economical, and easy to use, so browse through the catalog and find what works best for you. 

What are common forefoot problems? 

Following conditions and injuries can cause forefoot pain, including 

Foot care products for forefoot pain 

1. Metatarsal Pads 

Metatarsal pads are primarily used to offload the forefoot. They shift the load from the metatarsal head to the metatarsal shaft to redistribute load bearing, which relieves the symptoms in that area. Metatarsal pads are a simple and inexpensive conservative treatment for several conditions such as metatarsalgia, Morton’s neuroma, ball of foot pain, sesamoiditis, calluses, capsulitis, etc. 

Pedifix FELTastic Metatarsal Pad protects the ball of the foot, relieves pain, and takes the pressure off painful calluses and dropped metatarsal head 

2. Bunion Corrector 

A bunion is basically a deformity in the big toe. A bunion splint is a device that straightens and realigns the big toe, slows down the progression of the bunion, and relieves pressure and pain. 

Profoot Goodnight Bunion Regulator gently repositions the big toe to relieve pressure and discomfort while sleeping and is a non-invasive alternative to surgery. 

3. Corn Pads  

Corn pads protect from excessive pressure or friction on and around the corn. They are available in various materials such as foam, felt, and moleskin. Corn pads are shaped like rings and are placed in such a way that they encircle the corn. Adhesive backing keeps them attached to the skin. 

Profoot Velvetex Corn Cushions feature a unique microfiber texture that covers, protects, and relieve corns on the tips of toes, tops of toes, and between toes. 

4. Blister Pad 

A blister pad is designed to provide padding and protection from ulcers, friction, and other painful foot conditions. Blisters are raised skin with fluids that occur on foot due to friction or infection; most of the time, they are painful. A blister pad provides cushioned protection to help heal blisters. 

Steins Adhesive Felt U-8 Pre-Cut Blister Pad is easy to peel and offers protection from painful pressure and friction on sensitive areas of the foot. 

5. Toe Protectors  

The toe protector is a comfortable slip-on pad with adjustable toe loops, which helps hold the cushion securely in place. Toe cushion supports mallet, hammer, and claw toes and helps ease pressure on toe tips to help prevent corns, calluses, and blisters. 

PediFix Visco-Gel Hammer Toe Cushion helps ease pressure on toe tips to help prevent corns, calluses, and blisters. The toe protector soothes ball-of-foot pain often associated with the hammer, claw, or arthritic toe conditions. 

6. Toe Spacer 

The toe spacer is made of soft foam and worn between the toes to help separate toes so that they do not overlap. The toe separator helps realign toes where needed and prevents toes from rubbing together. Toe spacers reduce friction and relieve pain and are effective for conditions like blisters, calluses, sore corns, and crooked, overlapping, and hammer toes. 

Vive Toe Separators separate the toes, reduce friction and irritation, and increase circulation for exceptional pain relief from claw and crooked toes or bunions. 

Where to buy products for forefoot pain relief online? 

Rehab Store carries a plethora of foot care products for forefoot pain and disorders. We offer high-quality foot braces and toe braces from top manufacturers like Vive Health, Pedifix, Silipos, and more. Place your order with us and earn reward dollars that can be used on your next purchase. 

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