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What is a Toe Brace? 

A toe brace or a splint is designed to keep the toes straight and immobile and guide them to their natural alignment. Using the toe braces throughout the recovery helps manage pain, keeps toes in the proper place, prevents bunions from returning, and helps you sleep better at night. The toe braces are made using various materials and designs to help address specific toe conditions. The toe splint may be used: 

To deal with various toe disorders and injuries 

  • To preserve the joint alignment  
  • To prevent further injuries 
  • For postoperative care  
  • To eliminate friction between toes 
  • To deal with pain caused by ingrown toenails 
  • To immobilize the injured toes 
  • To deal with painful foot warts and corns 


Rehab Store carries a wide range of toe braces from popular brands that provide relief from corns, bunions, hammer toe, overlapping toes, fractures, and other toe malformations and injuries. Scroll through the catalog and find the toe splint that best suits your condition. Avail exciting offers and discounts on various toe braces. 

Who may benefit from a Toe Splint? 

Toe braces are helpful in managing many toe conditions, including: 

Types of Toe Braces at Rehab Store 

1. Toe Protectors  

A toe protector or a toe cap stretches over the entire toe for a secure fit throughout any activity. It surrounds the toe and protects sore, irritated toes, corns, calluses, ingrown nails, blisters, and other toe irritations with gentle cushioning.  

Silipos Ribbed Knit Digital Cap is fully coated with Silipos gel which absorbs pressure and friction on the affected toe. The gel slowly releases medical-grade mineral oil to help soothe and moisturize the skin. 

2. Toe Straightener  

A Toe straightener is a splint designed to help straighten curled hammer toe, mallet toe, or claw toe and relieve pain. Pedifix Budin Toe Splint comes in single, dual, and triple toe configurations and helps correct crooked, overlapping, or flexible hammertoes by guiding toes into their natural alignment. 

3. Toe Cushions 

Toe Cushion is a soft pad that comes with adjustable toe loops, which helps hold the cushion securely in place. Toe cushion supports hammer, claw, or mallet toes and helps ease pressure on toe tips to help prevent corns, calluses, and blisters. 

4. Toe Sleeves 

Toe Sleeves stretch easily over the toes, relieving pain and friction from most toe and foot conditions. Vive Toe Sleeves are stretchy enough to slip over any toe and thin enough to wear under socks and shoes. 

5. Toe Spacers 

Toe spacers conform to the toes to separate them, so they do not overlap. They help release pressure and realign the toes where needed. 

Toe Splint benefits  

  • Relieves toe pain and pressure 
  • Restores foot arch support 
  • Improves blood flow to the heel 
  • Corrects sesamoid bone positioning  
  • Restores body’s stability  
  • Alleviates ankle sprains 
  • Prevents toe injuries 

What are the things to consider when buying a Hammer Toe Straightener? 

  • Fit of the Toe Brace: The fit of the toe straightener is an important consideration when buying one. It will not serve its purpose if it does not fit your toe properly. If it is too big, it could slide around, and if it is too small, it can cause further injury to the toe. Buy a good quality hammer toe splint that fits snugly without causing any discomfort or irritation. 
  • Usage of the Hammer Toe Splint: There are several options for hammer toe straighteners that help encourage hammer toes to stretch and straighten out and help relieve pain. However, all of them cannot be worn with shoes or as you go about your life during the day. Some of them should only be worn while sitting with your feet up. If you need to wear the toe splint during the day, choose a style that can be worn with shoes, and if you want to use it at night, there are many options you can choose from.  Vive 3-Loop Hammer Toe Splint helps cushion, separate, and straighten the hammer toe and comfortably fits in any shoe style, including heels and boots. 
  • Arch and toe support: Sometimes hammer toe is caused due to lack of arch support, which forces the toes to work harder to stabilize your balance. Thus, people with too flat or too high arches tend to develop hammer toe more often. So look for toe straighteners that give the right amount of support and padding for your arches that can relieve symptoms.  Pedifix Podiatrist's Choice Toe Straightener reduces pain and friction associated with flexible hammer toes, and the dual-layer cushion comforts the ball-of-foot area. 

Where to buy a Toe Brace online? 

Rehab Store brings high-quality toe splints that help rectify various toe issues and restore proper toe and foot health. We supply toe protectors from renowned manufacturers like Vive Health, Pedifix, Silipos, etc. Shop today for healthy feet! 

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