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What is a Knee Strap?

The knee strap, also known as the knee band, is designed to help relieve pressure off the patellar tendon in the knee. When the patellar tendon is strained too much, it can cause pain and inflammation. The patellar strap applies gentle compression to the front of the knee, alleviating stress from the patellar tendon. Athletes and sportspersons involved in a lot of running and jumping may wear knee bands to help prevent injuries and pain resulting from the stress on the knees.

Rehab Store carries an extensive range of knee support straps and bands that support and stabilize the knee and relieve stiff and sore knees. DonJoy Tru-Pull Lite Knee Brace is suitable for adult patients with mild subluxation, mal-tracking, and patella arthritis. Advanced Orthopaedics Sport Knee Sleeve Support is indicated for mild to moderate ligament joint pain, sprains, strains of the knee ligaments, or patellar instabilities.

When to use Patella Brace?

People with the following knee conditions may use a patellar strap to relieve symptoms, including: 

  • Patellar tendinitis (jumper’s knee)
  • Runner’s knee
  • Chondromalacia patella
  • Patellofemoral pain syndrome
  • IT band friction syndrome
  • Osgood Schlatter disease 
  • Patellar instability

Benefits of Patella Stabilizer Knee Brace

A patellar strap is an orthotic device prescribed to those who experience pain in front of their knee caused by patellar tendinitis or overuse injuries. The adjustable strap applies enough pressure on the patellar tendon to better align it with the patella and stabilize the knee. It can reduce the pressure caused by movement, decreasing the stress to the patellar tendon. Additionally, it reduces the pain caused by the inflamed tendon.

Types of Patella Knee Brace

1. Open Patella Knee Supports

Open patella knee supports are designed to leave the kneecap area exposed to allow full range of motion of the knee. These braces help reduce pain and inflammation.

2. Closed Patella Knee Supports

Closed patella knee supports cover the whole knee and the knee cap. They are designed to compress the patella when the knee bends more than 45 degrees to prevent patellar bone degeneration. These braces also help relieve pain and swelling.

3. Hinged Knee Braces

Orthopedic surgeons typically prescribe hinged knee braces to help with ligament repair after surgery. It protects the ligament during the recovery process by stabilizing the knee.

4. Patella Knee Straps 

Patella knee straps provide compression on the patellar tendon to help reduce knee pain from patella tracking, patellar tendonitis, and Osgood-Schlatter disease. 

5. Knee Sleeves

Knee sleeves are easy to slip on and slip off due to their construction. They are made from a lightweight, breathable material and can be easily worn under clothes. They are great in supporting the knees and reducing pain and swelling while allowing complete mobility of the knee.

6. Patellar Tendon Support

Patellar tendon supports are designed to provide compression to the knee cap for the even distribution of pressure across the patellar tendon. These braces are normally recommended to those with jumper’s knee.

How to wear Patella Knee Strap?

Wearing the patellar tendon strap correctly is the key to getting optimum support and relief. Look for an adjustable knee strap to ensure comfort and flexibility. The front center of the strap where there is a puffy pad should be directly under the kneecap, where the patella tendon is attached to the patella. Tighten the straps to apply uniform pressure on the tendon but never overtighten it. Bend your knees to see if the strap is tight enough and placed properly.

Buying guide for Patellar Knee Strap

Open vs. closed patella

Both open and closed knee straps protect the knee from further injury and damage. An open patellar strap allows you to move comfortably during sports and workouts, while a closed patellar strap offers greater knee stability.


Buy a correct size knee band that can provide adequate compression to immobilize the knee and prevent an injury from re-occurring. 

Support Level

A patellar tendon strap typically features compression levels ranging from 1 to 3+. The latter level means that it offers maximum protection and stability.


It is best to buy an adjustable knee strap so that you can customize the amount of compression to treat aches and pain.

Where to buy Jumper’s Knee Strap online?

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