Comfy Splints Locking Knee

Comfy Splints Locking Knee

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Comfy Splints Locking Knee is excellent for the flaccid or weak extremity or to support or immobilize a painful extremity. The splint spine can bend to the desired ROM and the cuffs can adjust for optimal fit. Additionally, the splint can be adjusted and re-adjusted to provide for gradual extension of the non-fixed knee contracture. Set locking mechanism by pulling out ring and locking into 1 of 6 desired positions.

Comfy Splints Locking Knee Highlights

  • Adjustable and re-adjustable to individual patients
  • No use of heat or tools 
  • Foam lined for comfort and to prevent pressure areas
  • Velcro - but no velcro touches the patients skin 
  • Lightweight and durable

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
LK-101 Adult, Dark Blue with Terrycloth cover Each $3.91
PLK-101-L Pediatric Large, Emerald Green with Terrycloth cover Each $3.91
PLK-101-M Pediatric Medium, Turquoise with Terrycloth cover Each $4.36
PLK-101-S Pediatric Small, Purple with Terrycloth cover Each $4.36
LK-101-h Adult, Dark Blue with headliner cover Each $4.36

Comfy Splints Locking Knee Features

  • Graduated extension of the Knee 
  • Treatment of non-fixed contractures of the Knee 
  • Helps restrict arthritic changes and deformity related to neuromuscular impairment 
  • Positions the flaccid knee in functional position 
  • Maintains skin integrity by absorbing moisture, allowing air circulation and preventing skin maceration
  • Material Terrycloth
    - Plush Terrycloth
    - Thicker foam padding
    - Hook can adhere to strategically placed closures
    - Antimicrobial treatment with moisture control
    - Machine Washable
    - Easy spot cleaning
     -Line dry
  • Material Headliner
    - Soft Velour
    - Soft foam
    - Soft padding
    - Hook and lock can adhere throughout splint
    - Antimicrobial treatment with moisture control
    - Machine Washable
    - Easy spot cleaning
    - Line dry

How to fit Comfy Locking-Knee Orthosis?

  • Open Velcro straps. Notice one of the straps is a little longer than the others. The longer strap should be placed at the upper end of the knee (over the thigh).
  • After passive range of motion of the Knee, to allow for maximum Knee extension, place Orthosis along the inside flexor surface of the Knee with Ring at the Bottom of the Knee.
  • The Comfy Locking-KneeOrthosissplint can be adjusted to limit the range of flexion or extension of the Knee as desired. Pull ring out, bend splint to desired degree of variance and let tab pull into position. Splint will then lock.
  • The two splint cuffs can be adjusted to the diameter of the patient's thigh and calf. Merely press the Orthosis against a firm edge (e.g. table, countertop or chair edge) while firmly holding and leaning on both ends. Do not remove insert from fabric cover, as all positioning can be done while insert is in the cover. The Comfy Locking-KneeOrthosisis easily adjusted and re-adjusted to any desired angle and maintains its shape. Several adjustments can be performed rapidly to obtain the desired optimal angulation.
  • Once the desired angulation for the Knee is achieved, re-close the zipper, wrap the straps around the thigh and calf and secure with Velcro. Note the middle, split strap has an opening for the Knee. It is suggested that the therapist maintain two finger spaces under the straps to prevent excessive pressure areas on the patient’s skin.

Uses of Comfy Splints Locking Knee

This is used with patients who present with knee flexion pattern, arthritic changes and any deformity related to neuromuscular impairment.


The Comfy Locking-KneeOrthosis should not be used if the patient has any circulatory problems, pressure areas or skin irritations.

Wearing Tolerance:

  • Check Comfy Locking-KneeOrthosis at least every two hours until removed, to see if there are any problems such as skin abrasions, redness, blisters, or increased edema (if straps are too tight).
  • With patients who have sensory deficits, the Orthosis should be checked more frequently.

Maintenance of Orthosis:

  • The Cover of the Comfy Locking-KneeOrthosis is designed to be removed for laundering.
  • The fabric cover can be washed by hand or by machine in lukewarm water.
  • Do not use bleach or hot water.
  • Air or tumble dry on cool or warm setting.
  • Wiping both sides with a solution of warm water and detergent or with disinfectant can clean the bend-able white insert.
  • If any of the metal frames becomes exposed, cease using the device.

Comfy Locking Knee Splint User Manual


SizeKnee Crease up towards Ankle or ThighTotal Splint Length
Pediatric Large (approx. 9 and up)5 ¼”10 ½”
Pediatric Medium (approx. 4-9 yrs. old)4 ½”9”
Pediatric Small (approx. 1-4 yrs. old)3 ¾”7 ½”

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