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Slipping and falling in the bathroom has always been a major concern. According to a study conducted by the National Institute of Aging, a whopping 80% of falls among older adults take place in the bathroom. A safe environment is imperative, especially for seniors and those with impaired mobility. Rehab-Store can help you create the safest space possible with our complete line of bath safety products that make the bathroom a safe and sound place. Bathroom safety equipment includes grab bars, grab rails, transfer benches, shower benches, commode chairs, etc, from major brands like Drive Medical, Teakworks4u, and Healthline Medical.

Types of Bathroom Safety Equipment

  1. Grab Bars and Safety Rails - Simple rod-like structures and grab bars are the simplest safety devices one can install in the bathroom. They are efficient and come in a variety of options. Grab rails are connected bars that help in easy movement around the bathroom. One of the most common safety rails is a bathtub safety rail that can easily clamp onto the side of the bathtub and provide assistance while getting in or out of the bathtub.

  2. Raised Toilet Seats - Specially designed for people who have hip or pelvic conditions, these seats are easy to get on and off. Their raised height eliminates the need to bend down, hence preventing any stress on the lower body and abdomen.

  3. Commodes - Equipped with all the basic functions, these specially built commodes have an extra touch of technology to help you with all the important things, such as comfort, ease, durability, etc. They have a lot of different features and are a boon to not only people with medical conditions but other people also.

  4. Shower Chairs/Benches - Shower benches or chairs are similar to regular benches. Still, there are a lot of features, such as extra increased comfort, durability, stability, etc., that make these chairs different from their parent equivalents.

  5. Transfer Benches - Transfer benches are designed in such a way that a person can move from outside the bathtub without getting up. One side of the bench is positioned in the area where the person wishes to relocate. Some benches also come with a commode or urinal to make things more comfortable for the user.

  6. Wall-Mounted Shower Benches - Normal shower chairs usually do not come with a backrest, and hence, those who need a backrest opt for the wall-mounted option. They are primarily made of wood and are highly water-resistant. They are also a good option if you do not have enough space in the bathroom for a stand-alone shower chair.

  7. Rolling Shower Commode Chairs - Equipped with a commode, these wheeled shower chairs are ideal for people who struggle to move from their bed to the shower or from the commode to the shower. They are comfortable, long-lasting, and secure to use.

  8. Bath/Commode Transfer Systems - A commode transfer system is a hybrid device that combines the transfer chair and the commode chair. A person can move from the commode to the bathtub easily with the help of this device.

  9. Shower Sprays - Shower sprays can be attached anyplace in the bathroom and are easy to use. They come with many options, such as detachable heads, replaceable heads, etc.

  10. Bariatric Bath Safety - Bariatric bath safety includes bariatric transfer chairs, commodes, shower chairs, etc. It is a suitable tool for overweight patients as the chances of slipping on inappropriate equipment are higher.

  11. Bedside Bathing - Bedside bathing aids are created for people who cannot often move from the bed. This equipment makes it comfortable for the caregiver to administer a bath to the patient without causing any inconvenience to them. Bedside bathing aids include shampoos, washcloths, inflatable basins and bathtubs, and bathing clothes.

  12. Bidet Toilet System -The main aim of the bidet toilet system is to help wash the perineum, genitalia, inner buttocks, etc., for people who cannot use the commode directly.

  13. Toilet Seat Cushion- For people suffering from acute conditions of the pelvis or hip or bone conditions, it is hard to sit on the hard surface of the commode. Toilet seat cushions help in creating comfortable seating and also help people suffering from pressure sores.

  14. Toilet Aids - Handy aids while using the bathroom are also an important part of bathroom safety. Toilet aids include commode paper holders, pails and lids, toilet papers, toilet lines, etc.

  15. Anti-Slip Products - Anti-slip products include using bathroom steps and non-slip bath mats that are made to prevent slipping in the bathroom while standing or getting in and out of the bathtub.

What safety actions should be taken in the bathroom?

7 Bathroom Safety Tips to Prevent Falls and Injuries

  • Install Grab Bars
  • Improve Accessibility
  • Reduce the Risk of Over-Exertion
  • Install Non-Slip Surfaces
  • Prevent Hot Water Burns
  • Remove Obstacles
  • Improve Visibility

Where to buy Bathroom Safety Products online?

At Rehab Store, We bring you a wide range of bath safety products for sale from top-selling brands such as Drive Medical, Cardinal Health, and Healthline Medical. Prioritize safety with our quality bath safety solutions.

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