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What is a CPM Machine?

The CPM or continuous passive motion machine is a motorized device used to exercise the affected limb, recover from an injury or surgery to a joint without assistance, and regain knee, hand, leg, shoulder, arm, or elbow joint motion. Continuous passive motion provides the healing touch by gently flexing and extending the joint. CPM devices help give thorough rehabilitation to a particular joint and speed up wound healing by increasing fluid flow around it. Rehab Store offers Continuous Passive Motion machines for the shoulder, elbow, wrist, hand, knee, and ankle. We also bring your CPM accessories like pad kits, tote bags, and modules.

CPM Machine Benefits

When to Use Continuous Passive Motion Machine?

Types of Continuous Passive Motion Devices

  1. Knee CPM: CPM for knee is simple to operate and ideal for treating knee arthroplasty. Knee bending machine with a portable and user-friendly features is feasible in both hospitals and homes. We offer you our wide selection of CPM knee machines, including Kinetec Spectra Essential Knee CPM Machine, Chattanooga OptiFlex-K1 Knee CPM Unit, Kinetec Prima XL Bariatric Knee CPM Machine, etc.
  2. Ankle CPM: Ankle Continuous Passive Motion machine is an easily adjustable device that provides anatomical motion for the ankle joints to reduce pain and swelling and improve ROM. Kinetec Breva Ankle CPM Machine is an ideal choice for the ankle injury rehabilitation.
  3. Shoulder and Elbow CPM Machines: ROM machine is used for Retaining optimal motion after the trauma of the elbow or shoulder to reduce stiffness and increase mobility. Select from the range available as Chattanooga Artromot E2 Compact Elbow CPM, Kinetec 6080 Elbow CPM Machine, Kinetec Centura Lite Shoulder CPM Machine and more.
  4. Hand CPM Machine: CPM device used for hand is designed for post-operative rehabilitation of stiff joints and for tendon repair through passive mobilization of the hand. Kinetec Maestra Hand and Wrist CPM Machine is an ideal choice for continuous passive motion in hand.

How to use a CPM machine? 

  • Before starting the CPM device, you should lie in bed or on a physical therapy table.
  • Set the extension and flexion limits, and CPM speed, with help of remote control.
  • Several knobs and straps on the machine allow you to adjust the device according to the length of your arm or leg.
  • You can start or stop the CPM device by using the remote as per your comfortability.

Individuals should discuss with their doctor or orthopaedic surgeon when using the CPM machine on a regular basis or for a specific period.

Where to Buy Continuous Passive Machine?

Rehab store provides an exclusive range of CPM devices from top manufacturers including Kinetec Usa, Chattanooga Group, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, etc. Shop from us and get reward dollars on every purchase. Reward dollars can be used on your next purchase. Place your order now!