Shower Sprays

Shower Sprays are used to provide a perfect showering and bathing experience to the users. They can be wall mounted or handheld. Wall mounted shower sprays are helpful when the user does not want to engage his/her hand while bathing. Hand held sprays add convenience to the bathing process. Their shower head can be moved around a specific part of the body for effective cleaning. Shower sprays are designed to perform a particular function, such as to rinse, soothe, or massage. It is important to know what type of function you are looking for so that you can choose accordingly. At Rehab-Store, we offer a wide range of handheld shower sprays, shower holders, and shower heads from top-selling brands like Drive Medical, Essential Medical, Medline etc.

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Types of Shower Sprays

Shower sprays can be classified on the basis of the function they perform. They can be rinsing, massaging, or soothing sprays.

  • Rinsing Sprays: Rinsing sprays are the best for rinsing the shampoo from hair. They do not provide any soothing or massaging effect. 

  • Massaging Sprays: Massaging sprays, as the name suggests, massage the sore muscles and rejuvenate the body. They usually come with few options to switch between the levels of massage. 

  • Soothing Sprays: Soothing sprays are best suited for delicate skin. They offer gentle, even soothing, cleansing which relieves stress and relaxes the body.