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Hand held shower head sprays are used to provide the perfect bathing or showering experience to the users. These handheld showers come with a wall mounting that is used to mount the shower head when the hand held shower is not being used. Hand held sprays adds a lot of convenience to the bathing process. Their shower head can be moved around a specific part of the body for effective cleaning.  

Some hand held shower sprays are designed to perform a particular function, such as to rinse, soothe, or massage. It is important to know what type of function you are looking for so that you can make a better choice. At Rehab-Store, we offer a wide range of handheld shower sprays, shower holders, and shower heads from top-selling brands like Drive Medical, CAREX HEALTH BRANDS etc. 

Why should you prefer a hand held shower head in place of a traditional shower? 

Showering is critically important to keep your skin hydrated and clean. Hand Held Shower Sprays have been around for quite a long time now. Along with a great shower experience there are so many ways these shower sprays prove themselves to be of great use. Here are some of them.  

  1. Shower sprays help in keeping your shower cleaner: Traditional showers spray water everywhere. In combination with soap scum and mildew it can become a tiring job to clean it every few days. Handheld shower sprays deliver water only where required, and hence do not spill as much water on the shower walls and can also act as a shower cleaning tool since it is right there.  
  2. Hand held shower head for elderly: People of all ages benefit from hand held shower sprays, but, elderly and people with limited mobility benefit the most out of this technology. Most hand held shower head sprays shower sprays come with a hose that is 3 to 6 feet long. This hose can be raised or lowered as per the user’s requirement and higher degree of cleanliness can be attained by people who use a shower chair to cope with difficulties like injury, arthritis or other physical limitations. Hand held shower sprays for elderly also provide them with the independence of showering without assistance. The flexibility that handheld showerhead offers makes it easier for caregivers to bathe a patient as they make water accessible exactly where it is needed. 
  3. Hand held shower heads are best for cleaning children and pets:  Wash your pets sparkling clean with shower sprays that give you just the right water pressure to get a thorough clean. By concentrating the water just where it is needed,  hand held shower sprays become the perfect option for fussy little ones who often feel overwhelmed by the noise and heavy spray of traditional showers. They can even enjoy showering themselves.  
  4. Lower water consumption: Hand held shower sprays help in keeping a check on water wastage. You don’t only save on your water bill but also on your power required to heat it up. Some manufacturers also offer low flow sprays that can help you save up to 23000 gallons of water a year.  

Rehab Store offers a wide range of handheld shower heads from leading manufacturers like CAREX HEALTH BRANDS, DRIVE MEDICAL, MCKESSON, MEDLINE INDUSTRIES  and many more.  

Where to buy hand held shower head online?  

As you have decided to use a hand held shower spray the next question that arises is where to buy the best hand held shower head from? You are right there! Rehab Store offers all types of shower sprays with specifications that you need at affordable prices from leading brands in the industry including Carex, Homecraft, Select, Showerwise and many more.