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Drinking aids are designed to assist individuals in safe and efficient drinking while reducing accidental spills. People with conditions such as limited grasp and range of neck, head and arms movement, dysphagia, reduced upper limb strength and other swallowing issues face difficulties while drinking. Adaptive cup provides independence while drinking to elderly people. Rehab Store offers an extensive collection of adaptive equipment for drinking like disabled drinking mugs, straws, drinking cups, adult sippy cup etc. that are easy to pick up, hold and drink.

Who can use Drinking Aids?

Several people with conditions that affect the basic functions of the body such the activity of drinking may be advised to use dysphagia cups. These conditions include - 

Types of Adaptive Drinking Aids

There are different types of drinking aids available for every age group from pediatrics to elderly people based on a wide range of features and benefits. They include:

  • Spill-Proof cup - Spill proof cup, also known as adult sippy cup eliminate the spilling or scalding because of their specially-designed handles and grips. Adult Sippy Cups are designed with a built-in straw which works well for those who need a straw to drink.
  • Two-Handled Cups - Two-handle cups have a large base and two handles to make drinking easier for people with hand tremors. Their handles are big and provide a secure, firm grip and the base width prevents tipping.
  • Nosey Cups Nosey cups are designed to maintain proper head and neck positioning when drinking. Nosey cups are ideal for those with neck pain or limited range of motion of the head and neck.
  • Dysphagia Cups Dysphagia cups are designed for those suffering from dysphagia. This adaptive cups are designed to reduce the risk of spillage and provide controlled feeding by directing liquid to the center of the mouth.
  • Cup Holders – Cup holders are attached to the wheelchairs or any smooth and clean surface. They keep the drinks stable and don’t let them spill even if bumped or hit.
  • Drinking Straws - Drinking straws are helpful for those having difficulty in using their hands to lift or drink from cups.

Where to buy Drinking Aids Online?

At Rehab Store, we offer a wide range of drinking aids from popular manufacturers like Maddak, Freedom Distributors, Medline Industries, North Coast Medical, etc.

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