Use your FSA for Rehabilitation

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What is FSA?

Flexible Spending Account or FSA is a Medical Expense Reimbursement Plan, established by the employer to help employees pay for their own medical expenses as well as for their family’s healthcare. FSA is funded through the pre-tax salary deduction agreement between the employer and employee. It allows an employee to set aside a voluntary-portion of their pay checks for medical expenses and dependent day-care expenses before-taxes. This benefit plan can save you money ONLY on the purchase of the FSA eligible medications and supplies.

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Rehab Store accept your FSA Cards for FSA APPROVED products

Rehab Store offers number of FSA eligible healthcare products which you can buy using your FSA dollars. FSA funds can be used to purchase the medicines or healthcare items that aren't covered under your health plan. You just need to browse through the list of our Rehabilitation and Wellness Therapy products & solutions, and there you will find the easy-to-see FSA APPROVED symbol we mark on all our FSA-eligible medical supplies. However, the list of FSA eligible items can vary, we recommend you to check the eligibility requirement under your FSA plan before making purchases.

FSA Benefits

  • Amount added on FSA is before-tax that reduces the employee’s taxable income
  • Employees can pay for doctor visits, day-care, co-pay & other costs
  • Tax free withdrawal on FSA eligible medical expenses
  • Facility to use FSA prior to placing funds in the account
  • No federal taxes on the amount withheld for FSA Helps a company to retain employees

Qualifying for Health Care FSA

If you are self-employed or a freelancer this plan is not for you! To qualify for FSA, you must be registered with your employer. When you plan to make FSA eligible purchases, please get the complete detail of your FSA plan from your employer as he can design this plan with several restrictions. You must comply with the terms settled between you and your employer, in order to qualify for the Health FSA benefits.

How does your Flexible Spending Account work at Rehab Store?

Rehab Stores has a category of FSA qualified items based on the IRS guidelines. To avail the benefits on your FSA card, you need to shop ONLY the products that meet the eligibility requirements and are marked with FSA-Approved symbol at Rehab Store. If the items are NOT eligible then the amount will NOT be debited from your FSA Card and you will need to make payment for them via other payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal or check.

Time is running out! Use your unspent FSA funds now!!

The year is wrapping –up soon! Do you still have some amount remaining in your FSA wallet? Congratulations that you stayed healthier this year and your FSA dollars are saved! The reminder is – it is a “Use-it-or-lose-it” deal. Are you wondering where and how to spend your unused FSA funds? This is the best time to pull out your FSA card before the end of the year when you’ll lose that money. It is in your best interest to use these funds wisely to improve the quality of your life by keeping yourself healthy. What else can be more beneficial than the Rehabilitation Therapies and Wellness Solutions!

At Rehab Store, the FSA eligible healthcare and medical supplies are available with a lot of attractive deals, discounts, coupons & rewards. Here are some of the best ways to utilize your FSA money wisely:

The Best FSA Eligible Products 2022

1. Relieve your pain with drug-free Hot or Cold Therapies

You can use your FSA balance to buy Heat Pack, Cold Packs, Compression Wraps", Cooling gels or Hot and Cold Therapy Systems. These therapies help you relieve from the arthritic joint pain, stiffness or inflammation in muscles. You can also treat your injuries and other sprain or strain occurred during exercise, sports or any such physical activity with these FSA approved cold therapy products. These awesome therapeutic products are definitely worth your FSA dollars!


2. Treat your neck pain, tension & stiffness

Our Cervical Traction Device can be used to treat your neck injuries, cervical spondylitis and relieve your muscles from pressure, stiffness and other pain. The process followed by this device will stretch the joints and muscles around your neck which allows your muscle to relax. Give yourself double relief by utilising FSA dollars in this useful product.


3. Relieve yourself from bunion pain and stimulate with our foot-massage therapy

Enjoy electrical stimulation. Use your FSA funds to purchase this therapy and relax your muscle spasms with improved blood circulation. Our Circulation Promoter is powered by the Pain Therapy System that combines EMS, TENS and massage therapy to comfort aching feet. Give a comfortable end of the day to your tired feet and allow them to relax with our FSA eligible TENS unit, massage ointments & spray and bunion relief products!


4. Protect your fingers and toes

Cushion your toes and fingers with our toe-separators, toe-protectors and vitamin-enriched gel. These products ease friction and pressure on toes, fingers as well as on your FSA wallet! Stop juggling so many items to purchase and give your fingers & toes comfort with our products. Happy body parts improve mobility and quality of life. Sit, walk and sleep freely with relaxed fingers and protected toes.


Rehab Store accepts your FSA Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Store Valued Cards, or any combination of FSA approved by your employer. You just need to shop with us for ONLY FSA approved items. Make the best use of your FSA dollars before they expire. Use your card with Rehab Store now!



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