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Kevin Cleary

Kevin Cleary has been a Health Products For You contributor for many years and has a degree in marketing. His health and wellness journey has a very personal meaning and has guided him in his content writing for HPFY.

In 2006, he sustained an injury while jumping on a trampoline with his son, severely injuring his neck and has been living as a quadriplegic since. His injury forced him to learn facets of the medical product field that he would otherwise not have known.

After several years of therapy, he has used many medical devices such as wheelchairs, standing frames, neuromuscular stimulators, as well as other rehab/therapy items that have helped him live life to the fullest. This hands-on insight has helped him with research and content creation. Kevin enjoys sampling cuisines from different countries, listening to music, watching sports and enjoying a glass of single malt scotch!

In a candid conversation with Linda Guerrera, HPFY's Digital Content Manager, Kevin opens up about his life-altering experience and its profound impact on him. Join us as we delve into his remarkable journey, where resilience, determination, and the power of the human spirit shine through. Click here to watch Kevin's Series, Paralyzed But Not Defeated.

Kevin Cleary's Articles

Rehabilitation For Ligament Injuries

Posted on Jan 02, 2014 by Kevin Cleary

Ligaments in our body connect one bone to another, hold them in line and keep our joints intact. If these ligaments become damaged, pain and joint instability will occur depending upon the severity of the injury.

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Rehabilitation After Knee Replacement Surgery

Posted on Jan 16, 2014 by Kevin Cleary

Thousands of Americans every year are faced with the prospect of knee replacement surgery. This surgery requires a surgeon to replace some or the entire knee with artificial components.

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Posted in CPM Cardio Equipment

How Do I Choose Proper Rehab Equipment?

Posted on May 21, 2014 by Kevin Cleary

After an injury, surgery, or for overall good health choosing the proper equipment is an important step for rehab or exercise. Each injury or activity has a specific need to target a specific muscle or group of muscles. By using the proper equipment, we can rehab safer and more effective than without.

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Recovering From a Cervical Injury

Posted on Dec 06, 2014 by Kevin Cleary

While we have all probably suffered from a stiff neck from time to time, identifying the characteristics of a cervical injury can help expedite the healing process. In order to properly diagnose a cervical injury we have to understand what one is.

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Posted in Cervical Orthopedic

Over Did It? Recovering from Shin Splints

Posted on Jan 22, 2015 by Kevin Cleary

Sometimes our ambitions get the better part of us and we overexert ourselves. It’s when we overdo it that we can injure ourselves. Most of the time, we just might be a little sore, but every now and then we end up with a slightly more serious injury.

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Posted in Calf & Shin

Peroneal Tendinopathy: Treatment and Prevention

Posted on May 28, 2018 by Kevin Cleary

Often when we overdo things it results in physical pain and peroneal tendinopathy is no different. Often this injury is called peroneal tendinitis since it involves pain in the outer part of the lower extremities.

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Top Products for People with One Hand

Posted on Dec 18, 2018 by Kevin Cleary

Everyday life can be difficult for an able-bodied person, now imagine trying to traverse life with the use of only one hand. Yeah, seems difficult doesn’t it? Things we take for granted in our everyday lives are exponentially more difficult if we only have one hand. Fortunately there are and Rehab Store is here to help you navigate this seemingly confusing landscape.

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8 Best-Selling Sock Helpers

Posted on Aug 31, 2022 by Kevin Cleary

Unfortunately, as we age, it may become more difficult to bend over or reach to put our socks on properly. This can lead to falls or hypotension if we stand up too quickly. Who would think that the simple act of putting on your socks may be difficult or dangerous? Good news, we can show you great sock aids to make this chore much easier. Check Rehab Store for all your footwear needs.

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Five Best Creams For Arthritis

Posted on Feb 11, 2023 by Kevin Cleary

Finding relief from arthritis pain can be a godsend, but with all the products available, where do you start? One of the most common arthritis pain relief products is topical creams. While they are not a cure for arthritis, they can provide pain and anti-inflammatory relief, and many are FSA-eligible. These creams deliver pain relief topically through the skin to affected joints near the skin's surface. Creams can be very effective on knees, ankles, elbows, and knuckles.

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