Buy Weighted Bowls - Adaptive Dining Aids


Weighted bowls are important assistive dining aids that help in efficient dining and drinking for people who have motor disabilities or neurological conditions. A wide range of conditions or injuries can affect the coordination of a person thus affecting their ability to execute basic activities like dining and drinking with ease. Adaptive dining aids         such as adaptive weighted bowls help in easing the process of dining with minimal effort.

Conditions That Require Using Weighted Bowls

Several conditions affect the ability of a person to efficiently execute activities like dining, which might require you to use weighted bowls. They include:

Benefits of Weighted Bowls

Weighted bowls are designed to help the user ease the process of dining and drinking while also reducing the chances of injuries and spills. Benefits of weighted bowls include:

Weighted base – The weighted base of the bowl helps people who suffer from hand tremors by reducing the affect of the tremor on the grip, thus reducing the chances of spilling the food. The weight is evenly distributed underneath the bowl thus enhancing the grip of the user on the bowl, also ensuring that the bowl firmly stays on a surface or in the hand of the user.

– Several weighted bowls are equipped with the feature of being insulated. People who face problems while dining or drinking often eat or drink slowly. The insulation of the bowl allows the food in the bowl to stay hot for a longer period, or cool for a longer period.

Spill proof
- A lot of weighted bowls come with spill proof lids and covers. These lids and covers for bowls are designed to reduce the chances of spilling food or drinks. Hot food or liquids can cause injuries to the user if spilled, and these covers and lids help prevent these injuries. Sometimes, the sides of the bowls are also curved in to reduce the chance of accidental spills.

Where To Buy Weighted Bowls Online?

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