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What is Resting hand splint?  

Hand positioning splints are used to immobilize your hand and reduce pain and inflammation while your hand is recovering. Some conditions like arthritis cannot be cured but treatments are given to reduce pain and retain the range of motion of the hand joints. Resting hand splints support the hand in a natural position while maintaining the length of soft tissues thus preventing contractures.  

What is Resting Hand Splint Used For?  

Immobilize hands in case of fractures or diseases like arthritis and carpal tunnel syndrome.  

  • Protect and position the affected hand properly 
  • Joint and contracture protection 
  • Reduce pain and inflammation in the hands.  
  • If you have night flares of pain in your hands that disturb your sleep 
  • For Support if joints in your hands feel weak.  

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Types of Hand Splints

1. Elbow splints

Elbow splints at Rehab Store are designed to stabilize ligament strains and ruptures while providing support and pain relief. Elbow splints are recommended by doctors for conditions like:  

  • Total elbow joint replacement 
  • Tennis Elbow 
  • Ulnar nerve transposition 
  • Forearm fractures 
  • Increasing pronation supination 
  • Treatment of non-fixed elbow contractures etc. 

2. Finger Splints

We have finger splints that provide support and immobilization to the fingers while protecting the joints from further damage. Finger splints are used for:  

3. Radial Splints

Radial nerve splints are used when the radial nerve has been damaged due to humerous fractures, compression or laceration. These splints typically feature 5 spring-loaded lifts – one corresponding to each finger and one for the thumb. It is recommended for:  

  • Supporting the wrist to prevent loss of function 
  • Preventing loss of finger, thumb and wrist extension after injury to the peripheral nerve 

4. Thumb Spica Splint

Thumb Spica Splints are designed to immobilize the thumb or wrist without hindering the movement of other fingers or the hand. These braces are used for:  

  • Thumb metacarpal fracture  
  • Scaphoid and lunate fractures  
  • Thumb ulnar collateral ligament injuries  
  • Wrist tendonitis  
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome  
  • Gamekeeper’s thumb  
  • Post-surgery  
  • Osteoarthritis 
  • Skier’s thumb  
  • De Quervain’s tenosynovitis 

5. Ulnar Deviation Splints

These specialized splints provide excellent fit, protection and support to the Ulnar bone. Ulnar deviation splints keep the fingers in a neutral position and do not allow them to deviate away from the thumb. They are generally used by patients with degenerative and inflammatory diseases like rheumatoid arthritis. They are also used for hypermobile joints to provide the required stability.  

6. Wrist and Hand Splints

These splints are designed to protect and support painful, weak and inflamed joints. At Rehab-Store you will find wrist and hand splints that are ideal for treatment of contractures due to  

Where to buy Hand Splints Online?  

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