5 Top Reviewed Trigger Thumb Splint

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Treating trigger thumb at the earliest stages helps one nib the problem without having to endure excessive thumb pain. Trigger thumb is an extremely typical and debilitating condition that seems to be most common in the general population of a wide range of adults and children. Trigger thumb causes inflammation or swelling and damages your sheath covering the tendons in thumb. Other conditions like arthritis, gamekeeper's thumb, UCL injuries, and tendonitis cause stiffness and discomfort. 

How do you heal a trigger thumb?   

Using a trigger thumb splint, one can fix their dislocated thumb joint and lessen the pain of arthritis or tendinitis that occurs in CMC and MCP joints. Neoprene-made sprained thumb brace provides gentle compression that helps relieve thumb pain or discomfort associated with CMC joint arthritis, instability, tendinitis, or repetitive motion. Thumb spica splint helps restrict the range of motion and allows your thumb to stabilize. However, some trigger thumb exercises to be performed at home with or without some exercise equipment can provide momentary relief. 

Find the best Trigger Thumb Splints at Rehab Store. These trigger thumb braces are highly reviewed and considered effective in relieving various joint ailments in the thumb. 

5 Top Reviewed Trigger Thumb Splint 

1. Liberty CMC Thumb Splint - Leatherette 

Liberty CMC Leatherette Thumb Orthosis helps stabilize thumb MP and CMC joints without limiting the wrist and fingers. The leatherette model of thumb splint for trigger thumb is cotton-lined and perforated for comfort and offers muscular support via rigid fabric and a steel reinforcing bar. Liberty Thumb Splint features convenient hook strap threads through the wrist area for easy one-handed functioning. 

Liberty CMC Thumb Splint - Leatherette Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on Liberty CMC Thumb Splint - Leatherette [2 Reviews]

04/29/22 by Janine F. ”The thumb splint is very helpful to my basal arthritis.”


2. 3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint 

3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint is designed to provide great support to CMC joints to relieve pain from arthritis or tendinitis. The Thumb splint for the trigger thumb has a contoured strap that supports the thumb and wrist to restrict motion and ease pain at the base of the thumb. Sprained thumb brace open thumb structure eliminates squeezing and allows unlimited hand function for the continued performance of daily activities with less pain. 

3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint Customer Reviews

5 Star Reviews on 3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint [2 Reviews]

10/12/15 by Linda P. ”WORK GREAT. HELP ALOT”


3. Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Splint - Black 

Comfort Cool Thumb CMC Restriction Black Splint is designed to treat the CMC thumb arthritis while allowing maximum range of motion and full finger function. Thumb sprain brace is constructed of thin, 1/16"(1.6mm) perforate neoprene material with a terrycloth liner that allows the skin to feel cool and comfortable throughout the day. Trigger finger thumb splint featured reinforced stitching that trimmed the Splint below the MP thumb joint for custom fit and is specifically designed for osteoarthritis and medial subluxation of the thumb CMC joint. 

3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on 3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint
[132 Reviews]

07/28/22 by Kay Q. ”Very high-quality. Very comfortable. Very effective at supporting my thumbs while the pain and inflammation resolved itself. Thank you. ”

06/26/22 by Jill D. ”Works really well for my arthritis in my thumb”


4. Liberty CMC Thumb Splint - Leather 

Liberty CMC Leather Thumb Orthosis provides a barrier against trauma and stabilizes the thumb CMC and MCP joints without restricting the wrist and fingers. Thumb finger splint constructed with the leather model, which is supple, top-grain leather for moderate, conforming support. The thumb metacarpal joint and the wrist carpometacarpal joints are partially supported. Thumb splint for trigger thumb customed with optional polyform allows additional support from the radial side of the thumb. 

Comfort Cool Wrist And Thumb CMC Restriction Splint Customer Reviews

4.5 Star Reviews on Liberty CMC Thumb Splint - Leather [3 Reviews]

02/24/21 by Christy W. ”Was very much what I was looking for.”


5. Comfort Cool Wrist And Thumb CMC Restriction Splint 

Comfort Cool Wrist & Thumb CMC Restriction Splint has an extended performance that directly supports the thumb CMC joint while allowing full finger function. A thumb sprain brace is manufactured with neo-loop strap material and features an adjustable pull-through strap that needs hand manipulation and fastened to the splint.  The latex-free Comfort Cool Wrist & Thumb Splint is a wrap-around thumb that provides additional wrist support and compression.

Comfort Cool Wrist And Thumb CMC Restriction Splint Customer Reviews

4.Star Reviews on Comfort Cool Wrist And Thumb CMC Restriction Splint [5 Reviews]

09/09/21 by Gettin S. ”Since Medicare pays for my Medical equipment, I'm at the mercy of whatever product my orthopedic surgeon provides me. Several years ago, he provided me with this Comfort Cool brand for my left wrist and thumb, but it was the shorter version. I liked it”


Where can I buy Trigger Thumb Splint?  

Rehab Store offers a huge collection of the best-reviewed trigger thumb braces from top manufacturers that provide great support to the thumb during recovery. Please consult your doctor or physical therapist to assess your condition and determine which thumb finger splint is ideal for you. 


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