Buy Wall Mounted Shower Seats & Benches

Wall-Mounted Shower Benches are attached to the wall, providing a stable and secure seating option in the shower area. They are a space-saving solution in the bathroom that can be folded up when not in use, making them ideal for smaller bathrooms. It helps the elderly or those with limited mobility enjoy a comfortable shower experience without the risk of accidental falls. The wall is the backrest for these benches, with the seating directly attached to the wall. At Rehab Store, you get a wide range of folding wall-mounted shower seats at discounted prices!


Why choose Wall Mounted Shower Benches?

  • Crafted from high-quality materials that create a durable seating option for your shower
  • Comfortable seating option with space-saving folding design
  • Best for elderly family members or those with mobility challenges
  • Reduces the risk of falling and ensures a safe bathing experience

Who Would Benefit from a Wall Mounted Bath Seat?

  • People with Balance Issues: Those with balance issues or conditions that affect stability can benefit from a bath seat to prevent accidents and ensure a safe bathing experience.
  • Individuals with Limited Mobility: People with mobility issues, whether physical or neurological, may find it difficult to stand in the shower. A bath seat offers a supportive solution for bathing.
  • Seniors: They might find it challenging to stand for extended periods in the shower or bath. A wall-mounted bath seat provides a secure and stable seating option.

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Where to buy Wall Mounted Shower Seats online?

Rehab Store brings you a wide range of wall-mounted shower benches that are the perfect blend of functionality and style. Browse through our selection and redefine your shower space today!