Teakworks4u Burmese Teak ADA Shower Seat with Drop Down Legs

Teakworks4u Burmese Teak ADA Shower Seat with Drop Down Legs

Brand/Manufacturer: TEAKWORKS4U
  • HyGiene Products
  • Non Returnable
  • FSA Approved
  • Made in USA

Teakworks4u ADA Wall Mount Shower Seat is made of 1-3/8 inches wide battens, spaced for comfort and drainage. All batten edges are rounded over for comfort and safety, plus the entire seat is hand sanded to a smooth finish.

Features of Teakworks4u Shower Seat With Drop Down Legs

  • Weight Capacity 550lbs
  • The frames, wall flanges, and guide brackets are type 304 18-gauge stainless steel
  • Seat remains in raised position until the user pulls it down
  • Burmese Teak


Item # Desc Pkg Price
TBF2-180160W 18"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-200160W 20"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-220160W 22"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-240160W 24"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-260160W 26"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-280160W 28"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-300160W 30"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-320160W 32"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-340160W 34"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-360160W 36"L x 16"D x 14"H Each
TBF2-400200W 40" L x 20" D (Height Range 17" to 19") Each
TBF2-400240W 40" L x 24" D (Height Range 17" to 19") Each
TBF2-420200W 42" L x 20" D (Height Range 17" to 19") Each
TBF2-420240W 42" L x 24" D (Height Range 17" to 19") Each
TBF2-480200W 48" L x 20" D (Height Range 17" to 19") Each
TBF2-480240W 48"L x 24"D (Height Range 17" to 19") Each

Teakworks4u ADA Shower Seat Benefits

  • Height Range: 17" to 19" (431.8 to 482.6mm)
  • Titebond high-quality waterproof wood glue on products to ensure the best benches possible
  • Each bench uses marine grade stainless steel screws
  • Entire seat is hand sanded to a smooth finish

More About Teakworks4u Wall Mount Shower Seat

Burmese Teak

  • Made of pure heartwood from mature Teak trees grown in the Indonesia/South East Asia region
  • Heartwood Teak provides an elegant piece with unique grain patterns and a beautiful rich color giving any area an immediate wow factor
  • The high silica content in teak makes it an ideal wood to use when a slip resistant surface is needed and the natural oil makes the wood resistant to mold and mildew

Installation and Load Bearing

  • All shower seat must be installed using suitable fasteners and sufficient in-wall backing materials. 
  • ADA mounting height for the lowered seat is 17" (432mm) to 19" (482mm). 
  • When properly installed, all shower seats have been designed and manufactured to support loads exceeding the downward pull requirements for Federal specifications FHA, VA, HUD, hospital codes, and private construction. 
  • The actual "in use" load-bearing capacity of any shower seat, however, will be limited by the strength of its mounting surface and installation hardware.
  • It is recommended that shower seats be installed using 2" minimum thickness "in wall" solid wood blocking material with #10 x 2" stainless steel, Phillips-head, sheet metal screws, or using a wall embedded, minimum 12 ga. (2.8mm) steel anchor plate with #10 x 24 stainless steel machine screws.  
  • Under no circumstances should any shower seat be mounted to drywall, sheet rock, plaster, fiberglass, acrylic or other similar "hollow" wall surfaces without appropriate wood or steel backing material.

Cleaning Instructions for Teakworks4u Products

  • Cleaning can be done in your shower or outdoors if you want to move everything out there for more room 
  • Do not use a power washer 
  • For quick cleaning:
    -simply apply water with soft bristle brush in the shower area and lightly scrub the teak surface with a soft bristle brush. Then rinse the teak surface with clean water and wipe dry.
  • For deep cleaning:
    -We recommend a commercial teak cleaner to remove any mildew or discolorations that have accumulated. These cleaners would not strip the wood of its natural oils and non-slip characteristics.

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