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What is an orthopedic knee brace?  

Knee support brace facilitate extreme support and provide stabilization to knee joints and heal knee injuries. Knee wraps are so comfortable to wear daily and made from breathable fabric that is gentle on the skin. Orthopedic knee brace includes braces, immobilizers, straps, orthosis, and post-op knee braces. Rehab Store provides you best knee sleeves from top manufacturers like Breg Incorporated, Ossur/Royce Medical, Enovis, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Advanced Orthopaedics, and many others.  

What does a knee brace do?  

Knee compression sleeve offers a useful adjunct to the therapy and rehabilitation of knee ligament injuries. A knee brace for arthritis is used to control excessive movement in the joint and keep knee injuries from worsening. A knee brace for osteoarthritis can offload the pressure on the part of the knee joint. Knee wraps provide support & warmth, relieve pain, and help prevent injury.  

An orthopedic knee brace is also used to relieve other medical conditions, which are:  

Types of orthopedic knee brace  

1. Compression Sleeves

Compression sleeves plunge over the knee just like a sleeve. Knee Compression Sleeve is used for mild to moderate chronic knee pain, minimizing discomfort, and relieving knee arthritis. Sports knee brace increases knee performance during training and sports. A knee brace for running helps decrease knee sprain or strain from day-to-day movement and can fit easily under clothing for daily comfort.  

2. Hinged knee brace

Hinged knee brace stabilizes the knee with adjustable knee straps suitable for ligament strains and arthritic. A hinged knee brace is also designed to provide ultimate protection and stabilization to prevent further damage. A hinged knee brace can prevent hyperextension and offers overall knee protection against ACL and other ligament injuries.   

3. Knee Immobilizer brace

 A knee Immobilizer brace uses straps that wrap around the knee. A knee immobilizer brace is excellent for soft tissue injuries and fractures that provide complete support and immobilization of the joint. Individuals can wear a knee immobilizer brace during physical activity, allowing them to focus on their performance without the hindrance of bulk.  

4. Post-operative knee brace

Post-operative knee stabilizer will allow your knee to bend only in a specified way. Its range of motion is locked and should not be unlocked until directed by the doctors or medical professionals. These knee bands are designed to minimize pain, improve knee recovery, and prevent further injury.  

Buying guide for orthopedic knee brace  

1. Durability of knee wraps

 Knee wraps durability depends on the material of the brace. Mostly neoprene knee brace works efficiently for the knees. Knee sleeves are used for a longer time until the injury gets healed. Make sure to buy knee sleeves that are durable and work for a longer time.  

2. Flexibility of knee sleeves

Knee sleeve flexibility is commonly required for athletes and people who do heavy workouts. The knee compression sleeve helps in compressing the veins & muscles and provides warmth to increase blood circulation for better workout results.  

3. Warmth of the knee compression sleeve

 Warmth is one of the main reasons to use a knee compression sleeve. A knee compression sleeve should be used based on preference and heat sensitivity. Thicker sleeves tend to be warmer and thinner sleeves are comparatively cooler.  

Where to buy knee supports & braces?  

At Rehab Store, we offer extreme quality & great comfort knee wraps from leading manufacturers like BSN Medical, Hely & Weber, Otto Bock, Core Products, Bracelab, and many more. 

FAQs about orthopedic knee brace 

1. Why is knee support important? 

Knee support is important to heal your knees from injury or after a surgery, and protects the knee from further damage. Knee sleeves are also important for the people who work out as it helps in increase the blood circulation and provides better workout regime. 

2. How often should you wear a knee support? 

Knee support needs to be worn at least for a weak or as per the requirement or suggested by your doctors and medical professionals. 

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