Ovation Medical Game Changer Gen 2 OA Knee Brace
Ovation Medical Game Changer Gen 2 OA Knee Brace

Ovation Medical Game Changer Gen 2 OA Knee Brace

Brand/Manufacturer: OVATION MEDICAL
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  • Latex Free

Ovation Medical Game Changer Gen 2 OA Knee Brace is an osteoarthritis knee brace which is designed to comfortably fits from the thigh to the upper calf. It assures the user the ability to comfortably wear shorts. Its four durable straps wrap around the upper and lower leg for added security, while the high-quality buckles keep the locking mechanisms in place for the duration of your wear time. Its condyle pad is placed outside and directly next to the knee, giving the user a central point when putting it on and a little extra protection against an outside agent injuring your knee further. Game Changer effectively treats both medial and lateral knee pain.

Ovation Medical Game Changer Gen 2 Highlights

  • One Size Fits All
  • Treats both medial and lateral unloading in one brace
  • Easily adjustable unloading hinge
  • Extremely low profile
  • Lightweight

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Ovation Medical Game Changer Gen 2 Knee Brace Features

  • Simple design that makes it easier to use
  • Designed to fit from the thigh to the knee
  • Helps restore full range of motion from knee osteoarthritis
  • Can be worn OVER or UNDER clothing
  • Durable straps for extended wear time
  • Side Knee Condyle Pad for extra protection
  • Simple key to adjust for medial/lateral offloading

How to use Game Changer Gen 2 OA Knee Brace?

  1. Release all buckles by lifting thumb- tabs. Detach clasps from frame.
  2. Position brace by sitting on stable surface with knee bent at approx. 45 degrees. Align the center of the hinge to just above the patella.
  3. Reattach the straps in sequence (1-4).Attach all buckles in sequence.
  4. For final brace adjustment, verify proper hinge alignment (Step 2) then adjust strap tabs.
  5. Varus/Valgus Adjustment
    - For Varus (Medial) Relief - Turn the Key IN (Left)
    - For Valgus (Lateral) Relief - Turn the Key OUT (Right).
  6. Brace Comfort Assessment
    - Once the brace is applied, stand and walk a short distance to ensure comfort and proper correction. If there is any discomfort, adjust the straps as needed. If the patient experiences osteoarthritic pain in the knee joint or leg, turn the hinge adjustment back slightly. If more relief is required turn the hinge adjustment no more then 1/4 of a turn.

Strap Assembly / Adjustment
  1. Determine desired strap length
  2. Remove strap pads
  3. Remove strap ends
  4. Detach Velcro tab from strap
  5. Adjust strap length or trim the strap as needed
  6. Reattach strap ends and reapply strap pads

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