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Importance of Safe Patient Transfers 

Safely transferring residents and elderly people is a critical element of caregiving that cannot be overlooked. Research suggests that falls are the leading cause of injury and death among residents and seniors. Patient transfer aids are designed to help in manual transfers to and from bed, bath, wheelchair, car or toilet. At Rehab-Store you will find a plethora of transfer aids that help in manual transfers, gait training, lifting patients from the floor, sit to stand transitions or repositioning the patient in bed. All these aids come from experienced manufacturers in the industry like MOBILITY TRANSFER SYSTEMS, INC. , Performance Health, EVAC CHAIR, PRISM MEDICAL and many more.  

Benefits Of Using Patient Transport Equipment

  • Safe patient transfers to and from bed, wheelchair, car or toilet.  
  • Easier repositioning in bed.  
  • Gait training assistance.  
  • Easy sit to stand transfers.  
  • Make lifting residents and seniors from the floor easier.  

Equipment for Safe Patient Transfers  

1. Transfer boards: Transfer Aids help in moving a person from 

  • Stretcher to bed 
  • Bed to wheelchair 
  • Wheelchair to car 
  • Wheelchair to toilet seat 

They are flat sturdy boards that support patients between transfers. These are great for caregivers as it allows them to transfer patients with maximum safety and minimum strain.  

2. Transfer Discs: These are rotating discs that make standing transfers easier. They are great for patients who have the ability to stand but cannot move from one place to another. Transfer discs are helpful in wheelchair to bed, toilet or car transfer and vice versa. Rotating discs help people to transfer from 1 seated position to another independently.  

3. Transfer Sheets and Slides: Sliding transfer sheets are great for repositioning in bed or transferring from one surface to another. Benefits of using a transfer sheets include  

  • Enabling patients to reposition independently in bed.  
  • Reduces the risk in manual handling and effort of caregiver to transfer patients in and out of bed.  
  • Eases transfers from one surface to another. 
  • Friction less materials make transfers smoother 
  • Can be left beneath the user after transfers in case future transfers are required in a short time span. 

4. Transfer Systems: These are specially designed systems that facilitate manual patient transfers. These include sit to stand aids that come with rolling castors to assist gait, sliding transfer systems that move in a fixed path adding to the safety of the patient, evacuation chairs, etc.  

Where to buy Patient Transfer Aids Online?  

Since manual patient transfers take a lot of effort and must be done right to keep the patient safe having the right transfer aid is of high importance. Shop for patient transfer aids that ease the complexity of transferring patients. These patient transport equipment are manufactured by leading brands in the industry, including Safetysure, Sammons Preston, BeasyTrans, and many more. Get reward dollars on every purchase that you can redeem later and save even more.  

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