Transfer Boards

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Transfer boards can be useful for patient transfers i.e. moving a patient from a stretcher to a bed, from bed to a wheelchair, or from a wheelchair to a car. They are also helpful in day to day settings like transfers from a wheelchair to a bed, car, toilet, stair lift, or other location. People with limited mobility can benefit from wheelchair transfer boards as well. It is a flat sturdy board that supports the individual in between transfers.


Patient Transfer Boards - Area of Use:

  • For emergency medical services - A sliding board or smooth mover is made of a polyethylene covering for a slick surface. It has several notches, or handles, for solid grip control for the medical staff.
  • For toileting – Such transfer boards are designed for bathroom safety. They have an end which conforms to a toilet seat to allow the individual to slide onto the toilet, use the toilet, and then slide back into the wheelchair.
  • Pivoting transfer boards – These are designed for those who can stand with assistance but are unable to move the legs and feet. This type aids in moving an individual from a wheelchair to a bed, toilet, or other location.
  • For caregiving help - A medical transfer board is a great tool for a caregiver since it allows for transfers with minimal stress on the back and legs. They help caregivers to assist a very large individuals or someone with extremely low mobility.


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