Beasy Board Transfer System

Beasy Board Transfer System

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Beasy Transfer Board is composed of incredibly durable plastic, and each distinctively shaped board has a safe and pleasant disc that supports the user's weight as it slides down the track of the board during transfer. Beasy Premium Transfer Boards come with transfer discs by which patients can be moved safely in and out of beds, cars, chairs, couches, and toilet seats.

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#1100 BeasyTrans Each $7.50
#1300 BeasyGlyder Each $7.50
#1200 BeasyII Each $7.50

Features of Beasy Transfer Board

  • Strong and Flexible:
    • Made from State-of-the-Art DuPont spun fiberglass Minlon materials that can support up to 400 lbs., so all patients can transfer with confidence and dignity.
  • Reduce Risk of Injury:
    • The unique design of the gliding, rotating seat allows caregivers to transfer with natural movement and no lifting.
    • Gliding, instead of lifting patients to their destination, reduces the risk of injury to the shoulder, back, leg, and arm muscles to both patient and caregiver.
  • Tissue Friendly:
    • Many patients have fear of skin tears, or irritation to pressure sores with standard transfer boards.
    • Beasy technology places the user on a safe, stable seat.
    • As the seat glides easily across the base of the system, the weight and friction of the transfer are absorbed by the seat, not the patient’s skin and tender bones.
  • Improved Independence:
    • Once people use Beasy transfer systems, the fear of transferring starts to diminish.
    • Easy to get into the car, transfer to an airplane, and get into the shower.
    • For those who are able to be cleared by a doctor or physical therapist for independent transfers, our transfer systems can be the difference between living independently at home, or in a care community.

What are the 3 different types of Beasy Premium Transfer Systems?


  • BeasyTrans is made specifically for automobile transfers and can also be used to help patients in and out of bed.
  • The 360 degree rotating transfer baord measures 40" long x 12" wide and weighs 6.5 lbs. for easy transport.

BeasyTrans System


  • BeasyGlyder transfer board was designed for making transferring in and out of the wheelchair easier and safer.
  • The crescent shaped transfer board offers natural transfer options for more efficient and effective transfers.
  • The BeasyGlyder measures 32" long x 10" wide and weighs 4.5 lbs. for easy transport and portability.

BeasyGlyder System


  • BeasyII is the smallest transfer board which is perfect for small areas, especially bathroom transfers.
  • The BeasyII can be used for independent transfers but is commonly used to boost patietns into bed.
  • BeasyII measures 27.5" long x 12" wide and weighs 4.5 lbs making it ideal for transport.

BeasyII System

What to buy with Beasy Board Transfer System

How to use Beasy Board Patient Transfer System?

  • Try a virtual transfer without the patient before attempting a transfer.
  • Remove the arm of the wheelchair and foot pedals to give yourself ample room to transfer.
  • Set the board where you will transfer, and slide the seat back and forth to make sure there are no obstacles in your way, such as the wheelchair wheel, frame of the car, etc.
  • Sometimes angling the wheelchair 30 degrees works well in transferring, but if that is difficult, feel free to try a different angle.
  • Even transferring with parallel surface to surface can work well in some situations.
  • Talking to the patient about how you will proceed with the transfer will allow them to help you as much as possible, and help them feel comfortable with the procedure.
  • Sometimes “1…2…3…GO” will help you to work together.
  • If using the board on a solid surface, the board may tend to slip. Use a piece of rubber, or a wash cloth in between the surfaces to keep the board from slipping.
BeasyTrans System BeasyII System

Beasy Transfer System User Manual

Important instructions for using Premium Transfer Boards:

  • When putting the board underneath the patient, leave a small amount of the seat visible in the direction you will transfer. This allows the patient’s body weight to ride on the gliding seat, so the friction is absorbed by the seat and not the patient’s skin. If unusual swelling, redness, or discomfort occurs for any reason, use should be discontinued and a healthcare professional consulted.
  • If you use the board on other hard surfaces (such as a toilet seat), the board can slide. You can use a Beasy No Slip Pad, a piece of rubber (such as no slip shelf liner), or a wash rag. Wrap the no-slip material around the toilet seat, or place it in between surfaces to keep the board from slipping.
  • If your board stops sliding well, you may need to lubricate your board. Put a light amount of spray on the top side of your transfer board, omitting the seat area. Rub in well with a soft cloth. We carry clear silicone lubricant that is safe for most clothing and skin.

How to clean and maintain Beasy Systems?

  • Beasy Systems should be cleaned as frequently as needed to ensure sanitary conditions.
  • Use any non-abrasive sanitizing cleanser that is safe for plastic or durable medical equipment.
  • Our premium transfer boards are easily disassembled for cleaning by removing the track guard pins (with a flat-head screw driver and a couple light taps from a hammer), and unscrewing the nut that holds the seat to the base.
  • After cleaning, we strongly recommend that you lubricate lightly on the front of the board and rub in with a soft cloth.
  • The nut should be finger tightened, and then loosened until the board is sliding freely.
  • The nut should not be tight! Replace the track guard pins with a needle nose pliers and a light tap with a hammer.
  • Inspect your board regularly for signs of cracks or damage. Discontinue use if any damage is present.

Specifications of Premium Transfer Boards by Beasy

Particulars Specifications
Length 40"
Width 12"
Thickness (Base 1″) (Seat 1/2″)
Weight 6.5 lbs
Transfer Weight Up to 400 lbs.


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