H-Brace Treatment Table

Brace is referred to the frame that is built with two vertical blocks holding up one horizontal block that runs across, thus forming the shape of the letter H. These braces or frames have been proven throughout time to be highly resistant to lateral force. H-brace treatment tables use the same H-brace frame to create a strong and stress-proof treatment environment. Also sometimes referred to as stress-resistant treatment tables, they are made from either wood or composite materials and can be included in a combination of all types of treatment tables. Which means, that Hi-Lo treatment tables or bariatric treatment tables, can also be H-brace treatment tables. At Patient-Care we have a huge array of strong H-brace Treatment Tables from top selling brands such as Everyway Medical Instruments, Hausmann Industries, American 3B Scientific, etc.

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Benefits of H-Brace Treatment Tables

  • Durable and stress-proof frame
  • Built from materials that are made to last
  • Can be incorporated into other treatment table types
  • Highly resistant to lateral force
  • Doesn’t snap or break easily