Teakworks4u Wall Mount Fold Down Shower Bench With Slots

Teakworks4u Wall Mount Fold Down Shower Bench With Slots

Brand/Manufacturer: TEAKWORKS4U
  • HyGiene Products
  • Non Returnable
  • FSA Approved
  • Made in USA

Wall Mount Fold Down Shower Bench with Slots from Teakworks4u can be mounted either inside or outside the shower. The seat folds down conveniently when not in use, but the stainless steel mounting brackets are engineered to lock securely when the seat is elevated. Teak Shower Bench is simple to raise and lower the seat of a wall-mounted fold-down bench thanks to the low-pressure spring action. When the seat is raised, the 304 stainless steel wall brackets lock into place securely, but they fold down quickly when not in use.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
PTBF-18WS 18"L x 13"D, Plantation Teak Each $12.00
TBF-18WS 18"L x 13"D, Burmese Teak Each $12.67
TBF-24WS 24"L x 13"D, Burmese Teak Each $13.84
TBF-30WS 30"L x 13"D, Burmese Teak Each $14.74

Features of Wall Mounted Benches by Teakworks4u

  • Perfect for the shower, steam room or sauna, and is naturally mold and mildew resistant due to the woods antimicrobial properties
  • Brackets are set 16" on center
  • Rounded edges on seat battens for comfort and safety
  • All mounting hardware is included
  • Teak Shower Bench wall mounted has sturdy construction
  • The safety standards employed by Wall Mounted Shower Seat make it convenient for the elderly who are apprehensive about slipping and falling in the shower area or toilet
  • Titebond high-quality waterproof wood glue on products to ensure the best benches possible
  • Each bench uses marine grade stainless steel screws
  • Slotted bench gives a great looking bench an elegant upgrade

What is the difference between Burmese Teak & Plantation Teak?

Burmese Teak

  • Made of pure heartwood from mature Teak trees grown in the Indonesia/South East Asia region
  • Heartwood Teak provides an elegant piece with unique grain patterns and a beautiful rich color giving any area an immediate wow factor
  • The high silica content in teak makes it an ideal wood to use when a slip-resistant surface is needed and the natural oil makes the wood resistant to mold and mildew

Plantation Teak

  • FSC-certified Plantation Teak comes from trees harvested from an actual plantation of younger Teak trees
  • Heartwood of the tree is used, it has all the same qualities of old growth Burmese Teak but it is a little lighter in color and requires a little more maintenance

What to buy with Teak Shower Bench

How to mount Teakworks4u Bench?

  • Select the location for mounting the bench. Keep in mind that this bench is collapsible so be sure that there is enough clearance for proper operation of the adjustment mechanism
  • Locate the wall studs. Depending on the type of stud sensor you have, you can also use it to locate any electrical wires or other obstructions on the wall. If you find electrical wires, water pipes or any other obstructions, it is best to choose a different location for your bench
  • Measure up from the floor to the desired height of the bench. We recommend a minimum of 13" to a maximum of 18" but you can vary this according to your specific requirements. Make a mark on the wall for the height. Using your level, mark a level horizontal line to reference as you continue
  • For easier mounting, the brackets on your bench are located at 16" on center, the same as most wall studs. Using the template at left, mark the locations of the mounting holes for each bracket. You can also have someone hold the bench in position while you mark the holes directly from the bracket
  • Using a drill and a 5/32" bit, drill pilot holes in the wall being sure to stay centered on the stud. Be sure to check that all of the pilot holes line up with the bracket before proceeding. Make any necessary adjustments
  • Again, have someone hold the shelf in place while you set the screws in place. Double-check the level of the bench. This is your last chance to make any minor adjustments. Once youre satisfied with the level, using your power drill, drive the screws firmly against the wall brackets. Do not over-tighten as this can compromise the strength of the bracket. Hand test all of the screws to be sure that they are solidly set in place
  • Test the locking mechanism of the mounted bench, ensuring that the bench can be raised and lowered easily
  • Load test the bench to confirm secure mounting

How to measure for a Wall Mounted Benches?

  • Length x Depth x Height= Bench Size Bench height can vary, but typically 17inches - 19 inches is pretty standard


  • You must mount your bench directly into the center of the wooden studs of the wall.
  • Do not attempt to mount into steel studs or with any type of wall anchor. This will not provide adequate support.
  • Be sure to include the thickness of the bench in your measurement calculations.

How to clean Teak Wood Shower Bench?

  • Cleaning can be done in your shower or outdoors if you want to move everything out there for more room
  • Do not use a powder washer
  • For quick cleaning:
    • Simply apply water with a soft bristle brush in the shower area and lightly scrub the teak surface with a soft bristle brush.
    • Then rinse the teak surface with clean water and wipe dry.
  • For deep cleaning:
    • We recommend a commercial teak cleaner to remove any mildew or discolorations that have accumulated.
    • These cleaners would not strip the wood of its natural oils and non-slip characteristics.

Teak Folding Shower Seat Specifications

Code Teak Length Width Height Overall Height
TBF-18WS Burmese 18" 13" 2" 2"
TBF-24WS Burmese 24" 13" 2" 2"
TBF-30WS Burmese 30" 13" 2" 2"

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