Urias Air Splint

Urias Air Splint

Brand/Manufacturer: ARDEN-MEDICAL
  • FSA Approved

Urias Pressure Splints are made to be used to provide easy, effective positioning of upper and lower extremities. Air Splint has soft inner layer wich totally adapts to the body when it is put to the limb, offering even, all-over compression. Pressure during inflation shouldn't be higher than 40 mmHg. Air can be dispersed evenly around the extremity with single-chamber splints, reducing edema.

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
70-004-0 Elbow, Single Chamber Each $1.31
70-005-0 Hand, Double Chambers Each $1.31
70-009-0 Hand/Wrist, Double Chambers Each $1.31
70-003-0 Half Arm, Single Chamber Each $1.38
70-008-0 Foot, Single Chamber Each $1.61
70-102-0 Long Arm (70cm), Single Chamber Each $1.73
70-001-0 Long Arm (80cm), Single Chamber Each $1.78
70-007-0 Small Leg (no foot), Double Chamber Each $2.08
70-006-0 Large Leg (no foot), Double Chamber Each $2.29

Features of Urias Air Splint

  • Urias Air Splint is made of durable PVC sheeting with an inner layer that provides superior molding around the limb
  • Apply to limb and inflate
  • Pressure should not exceed 40mmHg
  • Measurement is the length of the splint before inflation
  • To size, measure the length of the extremity
  • Measure circumference for Bariatric model
  • Single chamber design allows for even air distribution around the extremity used for edema reduction
  • Double chamber design allows for varying amounts of pressure in each chamber to assist with contracture reduction and tone control

What is an Air Splint used for?

Air splints immobilize, cushion and protect injured limbs so that the victim can be transported safely and easily. These splints are washable, reusable and can be used during X-raying.  

When to use Urias Long Air Splints?

  • Stroke
  • Head injury
  • MS
  • CP
  • For muscle facilitation in neurological rehab
  • Post surgery edema management
  • Contracture reduction

What to buy with Air Splint

How to use Urias Inflatable Splints?

  • A thin cotton sleeve should cover the patients limb while the air splint is in use.
  • The splint must be orally inflated. Pressure should not exceed 40mm Hg and should be read when limb is at rest.
  • The splints may be wiped over with a mild disinfectant to clean them, then dried with a towel. If necessary, the valve may be disconnected and washed and the inflation tube cleaned with a test tube brush dipped in mild disinfectant, allowed to dry and then re-assembled.
  • Do not let fluid run inside the splint as it can not drain out.


  • The Urias Air Splint should not be worn in direct sunlight.
  • No splint should be left on for more than one hour.
  • Do not use the tube as a handle when fitting the splint.
  • Do not store in sub zero temperatures. Recommended storage temperature is +10°C.
  • Dispose of in household rubbish bin.
  • Do not burn on household fire or electric incinerator.


Model Type Chambers Splint Length Splint Width
Long Arm (80cm) Single 31" (80cm) 8-1/4" (21cm)
Long Arm (70cm) Single 27" (70cm) 8-1/4" (21cm)
Half Arm Single 21" (53cm) 8-1/4" (21cm)
Elbow Single 14" (40cm) 8-1/4" (21cm)
Foot Single 15" (38cm)

Top width: 7-3/4" (20cm)

Bottom width: 16-1/2" (42cm)

Hand Double 9-1/2"(24cm) 7-3/4" (20cm)
Hand/Wrist Double 12-1/4" (31cm) 9" (23cm)
Small Leg (no foot) Double 24-1/2" (62cm)

Top width: 11" (28cm)

Bottom width: 7-3/4" (20cm)

Large Leg (no foot) Double 27-1/2" (70cm)

Top width: 11-3/4" (30cm)

Bottom width: 9" (23cm)

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