Rolyan Elbow Pre-Cut Splint

Rolyan Elbow Pre-Cut Splint

  • Latex Free

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Rolyan Elbow Pre-Cut Splint immobilizes elbow in position from zero to 90 degree of flexion. Can be applied on anterior or posterior side. Rolyan Elbow Pre-Cut Splint is wrapped in 1/8" (3.2mm) splinting material. One size fits most adults. Latex free.

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A517003 Polyform, With Strapping and Instructions Each



  • To immobilize the elbow
  • May be used for cubital tunnel syndrome and following ulnar nerve transposition

More Information

The splint can be applied to the anterior or posterior surface of the arm.
1. When heating the splint blank, do not allow it to fold over onto itself-place paper toweling between the layers if the splint blank is too large to heat flat. Heat splint blank as follows:
Pad bony prominences Soften the splint blank in water heated to approximately 160°F (70°C) until pliable. (Refer to the instructions for Rolyan splinting materials for information about working with specific splinting materials. Remove from heat pan and place on a towel on a flat surface. Blot excess water.
2. Position the arm in the desired position.
3. With the wide end of the splint blank proximal, form the splint on the arm.
4. Attach the shortest strap near the distal border of the splint and the longest strap near the proximal border.
5. The two intermediate-length straps can be positioned to secure the splint without crossing, or they can cross at the elbow. To attach straps that cross:

  • Attach the self-adhesive end of one strap to the upper arm portion of the splint so it is centered between the medial and lateral borders. Angle the strap toward the elbow so it will cross the open area of the splint.
  • Attach the self-adhesive end of the other strap to the forearm portion of the splint, also centered between the medial and lateral borders and angled to cross the open area.
  • Wrap the upper arm strap across the elbow and attach the hook tab to the loop tab of the other strap.
  • Wrap the forearm strap across the elbow and attach it to the other strap.

6. The splint can be trimmed and the edges flared if necessary

Care And Cleaning:

  • The splint will lose its shape in temperatures over135°F (57°C). It should be kept away from sources ofheat such as ovens, hot water, open flames, and sunny car windows.
  • The splint can be cleaned with soap and lukewarmwater and allowed to dry thoroughly beforereapplication.
  • The straps can be washed with soap and water, butthe adhesive portion should not be moistened. Allowto air dry


  • Not for use in the presence of fluctuating edema
  • Not for use over open wounds and infected areas

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