Top 10 Thumb Braces for Arthritis

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Thumb is the short and thick digit of a hand, and it would be an understatement to say that our thumbs make our lives much easier. The primary purpose of a thumb is to offer stability to the hand and perform various actions by working with or against the other fingers.

We use our thumbs for a variety of purposes in a plethora of ways. It makes the thumb most prone to getting injured during accidents, enduring swelling and pain due to overuse, or developing certain medical conditions. These situations lead to thumb pain, inflammation, and/or swelling.

Top 10 Thumb Brace for Arthritis 

One of the most common reasons for thumb pain is arthritis. Thumb arthritis, also known as basal thumb arthritis, affects the CMC joint. Since there is no cure for arthritis, the idea behind arthritis treatment is to curb the pain and provide comfort for the thumb joint to heal.  

Thumb braces for arthritis are effectively used to reduce thumb pain and discomfort. A thumb splint not only alleviates pain but also increases stability and takes stress off the joint. Here are our top 10 thumb brace.   

1. Push Metagrip CMC Thumb Brace

 The Push MetaGrip uniquely provides effective support while keeping the thumb mobile and active. The Push MetaGrip CMC Thumb Brace relieves thumb osteoarthritis and offers comfortable, all-day wear time. The brace is ideally worn under a glove to resist abrasion and avoid impeding other movements. The Push Thumb Brace is a sleek orthosis that partially encloses the palm and allows a full range of motion for the hand and wrist. 

The Push Metagrip CMC Brace Benefits and Features

  • Balances and stabilizes thumb muscles 
  • Restrains the CMC joint while maintaining function 
  • Facilitates CMC stability during pinch & grip without impeding other joint movements 

2. 3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint 

The 3pp ThumbSling NP thumb splint is designed to relieve pain from arthritis by providing compression and moderate support. This thumb brace has a contoured strap that supports the thumb and wrist to control motion and ease pain at the base of the thumb. It’s an adjustable thumb brace that can be adjusted based on the compression required to stabilize the thumb and relieve pain.  

The 3pp ThumSling NP Thumb Splint Features and Benefits

  • Ideal for wearing throughout the day  
  • Dense foam provides the next level of support 
  • Resilient, breathable material with a light stretch that contours the hand without being bulky or restrictive  

3. Comfy Splints Resting Hand Splint

 The Comfy Splints Resting hand splint doesn’t feel itchy, sweaty, or restrictive for maximum comfort and optimal support. This resting hand splint has a reinforced spine brace to adapt to every person. This spica splint is made of soft material and doesn’t require any tools to wear. The comfortable fabric cover is removable and washable. 

Features and Benefits of The Comfy Resting Hand Splint  

  • A removable finger separator  
  • Luxurious  fabric for comfortable support  
  • The five soft strap closure enables optimal thumb placement  
  • Antimicrobial barrier reduces germs and prevents skin breakdown  

4. Rolyan Neoprene Wrap on Thumb Support

The Rolyan Neoprene Wrap provides warmth and compression to elevate the thumb and wrist pain. This thumb brace supports the joints of people with arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, or injury.  

The Rolyan Wrap on Thumb Support Features: 

  • A soft nylon terry lining ensures comfort by absorbing perspiration  
  •  A loop and hook closure for easy wrapping  
  • It can also be used for tendonitis, bursitis, repetitive motion injuries, and soft tissues injuries  

5. Liberty CMC Leatherette Thumb Splint

The Liberty CMC thumb splint stabilizes the thumb MP and CMC joints without restricting the wrist and fingers. This leatherette model is cotton-lined and perforated for breathability. It is made with non-removable steel, a reinforcing bar, and a stiff fabric to provide firm support.   

The Leatherette Thumb Orthosis Features 

  • A soft, durable, and convenient hook closure strap  
  • Fits in perfect position as needed  
  • Easily wearable with one hand  

6. Hely & Weber CMC Controller Plus

The Hely & Weber CMC controller plus provides functional positioning and comfort. This thumb splint has a patient assistance strap for straightforward one-handed use. This thumb brace comes with a low-profile design which offers pain relief and functional positioning.  

Hely and Weber CMC Arthritis Brace Features:  

  • An indicator arrow ensuring proper placement of the sling strap  
  • Stabilizes the wrist for better comfort  
  • Effectively works on wrist injuries, arthritis, tendonitis, carpal tunnel syndrome, and more   

7. Thermoskin Cross-X CMC Thumb Splint

 The Thermoskin Cross-X CMC thumb splint works for CMC joints, repetitive strain injury, arthritis pain, and instability of the thumb extensors and abductors. It also provides support for ulnar collateral ligament (UCL) injuries and muscle stiffness for stroke patients.  

Features of The Thermoskin Cross-X CMC Thumb Splint:  

  • Thumb straps crisscross, forming an X to provide increased support    
  • The design allows full function of the wrist and hand  
  • Trioxane lining for comfort and clinically proven heat therapy   

8. Comfort Cool Thumb Spica

The Comfort cool thumb spica is an orthopedic splint that keeps the mobility of the thumb and wrist while allowing the fingers to move freely. This thumb spica splint is made of perforated neoprene, which provides cool, lightweight support and compression. This thumb brace works for MP and CMC joints, arthritis, tendonitis, and joint fractures.  

The Comfort Cool Thumb Spica Splint Features:  

  • A special thumb strap for stabilizing the IP extension  
  • Neoprene can be trimmed and customized easily  
  • Three lengths for varying amounts of support     

9. Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Splint

The Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo thumb splint has a patented wire thumb frame providing immobilization of thumb joints. This thumb brace for arthritis has an opening in the thumb column, preventing any pressure on the affected area. This 3D knit is anti-bacterial, lightweight, breathable, and wicks moisture away. 

Thuasne Ligaflex Rhizo Thumb Splint Features  

  • The patented wire frame is suitable for basal thumb arthritis  
  • Immobilizes the thumb in a painless position  
  • Maintains motion of the wrist and allows gripping movement  

10. Hely & Weber Titan Thumb Orthosis 

The Hely & Weber Titan thumb spica splint has adjustable lacing pulls, allowing it to fit easily on all wrist sizes. This universal brace is made of perforated material for easy breathability. It offers simple application, is easily removable, and can be reapplied by patients.  

The Hely & Weber Titan Thumb Brace Features:  

  • Perforated materials for breathability and moisture wicking  
  • The lacing system adjusts to a range of wrist sizes  
  • Can be molded and customized for proper positioning  

Wrist and hand injuries are very common, affecting patients of all ages and activity levels.   

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