Best Selling Thumb Braces and Splints

Thumb Braces and Splints are used to immobilize the thumb-joints for the purpose of reducing the pain after an injury, fracture or surgery. Rehab Store offers the bestselling Thumb Support Braces that are designed by renowned manufacturers and brands such as Rolyan, Norco, Liberty, Comfort Cool etc. These Thumb Splints are also used to reduce the chronic pain and for speedy recovery of acute injuries. Thumb Spica splints are considered as an effective treatment for individuals who are suffering from arthritic, MP/MCP joints and osteoarthritic joints by providing warmth, compression and support.

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How these Medical Thumb Braces are helpful?

Our thumb wraps are specially designed to allow an individual to perform essential routine tasks comfortably. These thumb stabilizers are helpful in treating -

  • Thumb deformity
  • Damaged tendons
  • De Quervain's tenosynovitis
  • Thumb strains/sprains
  • Thumb fractures
  • Post-surgical rehabilitation
  • Contractures due to neurological and arthritic conditions.

Our Top-Selling Thumb Support Braces and Splints

Rehab Store brings to you a wide selection of thumb-orthosis. Some of our Best-Selling Thumb Splints & Braces feature:

  • Super-soft, skin-friendly and durable lining
  • Easy to put-on/pull-on
  • Convenient hook and loop closure
  • Moldable lining inside the strap for full-thumb function
  • Latex-free and washable fabric
  • Adjustable spine
  • Breathable fabric that absorbs perspiration
  • Trim-able braces for customization according to the size
  • Patient assist straps for easy application
  • Anti-microbial material to protect skin

Where can I buy Top-Selling Thumb Spica Splints online?

Rehab Store offers wide variety of thumb splints to immobilize and stabilize the thumb, to speed-up the injury or sprain recovery process and to help in tendonitis. Our bestselling thumb spica braces are considered as an effective treatment for thumb related medical conditions. We offer amazing discounts and reward dollar on our top products. Choose the thumb splint you need as per your condition and order now!