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Rehabilitation is important to live a functional life without any restriction to physical mobility. Rehab Store offers physical therapy products and solutions to restore the loss of functioning in every area of an individual’s life. Our top-selling manufacturers such as Patterson Medical, North Coast Medical, A-T Surgical, BSN Medical, etc., have designed the high-quality assistive devices and therapy solutions. We serve rehabilitation products and solutions via therapy, medicine and assistive-technology.

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What are the benefits of Physical Therapy and Mobility Assist Devices?

Rehabilitation therapy and assistive devices help an individual to be more independent and participate in regular community life. Here is how our therapy products contribute towards the same:

  • Individuals can have better control over their own lives without the need of any additional assistance
  • These support solutions can reduce the care costs in cases of disabilities
  • People can enjoy their routine chores with ease and comfort like- walking, lifting, bending, eating, sleeping etc
  • These devices and solutions are effective support system in cervical problems, spinal cord injuries, abdominal surgeries, back pain, paralysis, visual impairment, post-traumatic stress, eating disorders and other mobility issues like – low response time, restricted range of motions etc

Our Best-Selling Rehabilitation Products and Solutions

Our top-selling assistive devices focus on increasing physical independence and mobility in the individuals going through surgeries or post-surgical phases. These devices help people suffering from arthritis, obesity, and other bone, joints, ligaments, tendon related medical conditions, disability or deformity. Some of our bestselling assistive aids are:

Daily Living Aids

Our assistive healthcare devices help in alleviating mobility issues while performing the routine tasks like dressing, walking, sleeping, eating, reaching high shelves, bending, lifting etc. You can check our top-selling daily living aids here:

  • Sock Aids Rehab store offers sock and stocking assist devices of wide selection for those who suffer from chronic joint-pain, arthritis, stiffness, sprain or strain while bending. Grab your favorite sock puller from the list of our top-selling sock-aids now!
  • Reachers & Grabber These tools are used by people with limited mobility to reach the high and low shelves easily and pick small to large sized items comfortably. You can reach out for top selling reachers and grabbing tools at Rehab Store now!
  • Leg-lifters People with limited range of motion can use these leg lifting straps to get in and out of the bed, wheelchair and walk freely on their own. Check the list of our top-selling leg-lifters here.
  • Weighted Utensils These weighted and adaptive utensils come with non-slip handles to help people with tremors or shaky hands. Rehab Store brings some best-selling weighted utensils to facilitate the dining process. Browse through the list of our bestselling weighted utensils & shop now.

Abdominal Binders

Rehab Store offers top selling abdominal support belt to speed up the recovery process post-surgery by maintaining the abdominal pressure and respiratory function. Explore the list of our bestselling abdominal support aids for attractive offers and reward dollars.

Balance Boards

For better posture, muscle strength and flexibility, and to reduce the risk of injuries related to falling, our balance boards are an amazing help. Explore the list of our top-selling balance training equipment here.

Cervical Neck Traction Devices

These devices are used to alleviate the pain related to neck, head, shoulder, back, spine and jaw. If you are facing problems while standing, sitting or sleeping, buy our top-selling neck traction devices after consulting with your medical professional.

Cervical Support Pillows

Rehab Store offers wide variety of neck support pillows in multiple sizes and styles. These cervical support pillows reduce the neck pain and allow you to perform your tasks comfortably. Find our top-selling cervical support pillows here.

Hernia Support Belts

Due to different types of hernia issues some people need to undergo surgeries. Rehab Store offers hernia support aids for both the pre and post-surgical phases. Our support belts are available for both men and women. Check out the full range of our bestselling hernia support belts here.

Finger Splints

Are you suffering from trigger finger or mallet finger? No worries! Rehab Store brings to you a huge selection of finger splints to immobilize or heal your jammed and injured fingers. You can purchase from the list of our top-selling finger splints here.

Thumb Braces and Splints

Treat your thumb deformity and damaged tendons with our bestselling thumb spica splints. Rehab Store offers amazing discounts and reward dollars on these thumb braces and splints.

Where to buy Top Selling Rehabilitation Therapy and Products Online?

Rehab store is one-stop solution to your therapy needs and to assist you with your mobility issues. Our top selling rehabilitation therapy products are designed to boost your self-confidence and give you physical independence, thereby improving the quality of your life. Shop now!