Sock Aids

Sock aids are dressing assist devices that help putting socks & stockings on and off easily without causing additional pain or strain. These daily-living aids are a great help for elderly and for those with limited mobility due to joint-pain, arthritis, stiffness and who are in the post-surgery recovery stage. Rehab Store offers the best-selling stocking aids from some of the best manufacturers and brands such as BSN Medical, North Coast Medical, Fabrication Enterprises, Complete Medical Supplies, Inc etc. These sock assist devices are flexible and offer easy operation.

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Our Best Selling Stocking Aids – How Do They Work?

A sock aid is attached to two long rope or cords and is simple to use. Follow these steps for easy usage-

  • Orient your sock to the flexible part of the sock aid
  • Slide the sock over the aid so that the top of your sock is held open
  • Pull the toe of your sock tightly
  • Hold the rope and place the sock aid on the floor
  • Slide-in your foot in the sock aid
  • Pull-up the rope/cord and remove the sock aid

Our Top Selling Sock Aid Types

Following are the types of stocking aids offered by our bestselling brands like Sammons Preston, Blue Jay, Jobst and many more:

Stocking Donner

These sock aids, from our top selling brands, are designed with the foam handles and sock-notches to help slide socks or stockings in an easier way. Sock assists at Rehab Store are available in a wide range of sizes to supports specially people with severe arthritis, back pain and other restrictions related to bending. To use this sock aid you need to stretch the stocking over the frame in the center, keep your foot in it and then pull up the donner handles.

Compression Stocking Aid

These Stocking Sliders are designed to pull up the compression socks and stockings with ease. Our bestselling compression stocking aids are made of continuous loop cord for the simple application and to reduce the risk of injury or strain while wearing the stockings. These sock aids are best for the individuals going through their post-surgical recovery stages, pregnant women, athletes and individuals who cannot move for a longer time period.

Sock Horse Sock Aid

These sock aids can also be used as a shoehorn. They don’t stretch socks like other sock-aids and they come with rubber grips. Our sock horse aid is a great help in easily pulling up and taking off the socks. You just need to position the hook in the heel of your sock. Your skin never touches the plastic and it’s easier for people with weaker hands.

Where can I buy the Best Sock Aid kit?

At Rehab Store, we offer multiple-length sock aids to fit different feet sizes from our bestselling brands and manufacturers. Using sock aids can be tricky at first but with practice you will become independent and will dress yourself easily and comfortably without anyone’s help. Rehab Store is always here to make your life more mobile and to provide you the top-class sock and stoking aids with amazing offers. Find the sock aid of your choice and order now at Rehab Store.