Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis
Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis

Brand/Manufacturer: BRACELAB
  • Latex Free

Push MetaGrip Thumb CMC Orthosis is the most effective streamlined and durable brace for the relief of thumb CMC (basal joint) osteoarthritis. It can be custom fitted to the thenar size and shape for precise support. Push MetaGrip is made of embedded metal and is squeezed to deliver custom fitting for maximum CMC joint stabilization. It covers minimal palmar surface and does not restrict movement of the hand or wrist.

Why to Choose MetaGrip Thumb ?

  • Provides long-term durability
  • Can be worn under a glove
  • Machine washable, air dry
  • Will not deform in heat
  • Latex-free

Item #DescPkgRewardPrice 
3.10.2-L-1 Size 1,Left Each $4.00
3.10.2-L-2 Size 2, Left Each $4.00
3.10.2-L-3 Size 3, Left Each $4.00
3.10.2-R-1 Size 1, Right Each $4.00
3.10.2-R-2 Size 2, Right Each $4.00
3.10.2-R-3 Size 3, Right Each $4.00

Metagrip Thumb Brace Benefits

  • Can be worn during work and household activities as well as golf, tennis, knitting, swimming, etc.
  • Imbedded contoured metal insert offers a custom fit
  • Provides CMC stability during pinch & grip
  • Provides long-term durability, resisting abrasion
  • Can be worn under a glove
  • Can be washed in the washing machine
  • Will not deform if left in a hot environment

What to buy with Thumb Metagrip CMC Orthosis?

How to Use Push MetaGrip Thumb?

Application Instructions:
  • Before applying the Push MetaGrip to your hand the first time, gently bend the metal insert slightly outward so the thumb area is somewhat larger.
  • Open the straps.
  • Slide your fingers and thumb into the brace and push the brace as far down on your thumb as possible.
  • Gently, but firmly, close the straps; do NOT pull them tightly.
  • Touch your thumb tip to your index fingertip, making a gentle shape, but BE SURE your thumb muscles are relaxed and the thumb joints are slightly flexed.
  • Look directly into your palm to be sure your thumb is not too far across your palm or too far out of your palm but in a mid-position.
  • With your thumb in the mid-position and relaxed, squeeze the metal insert firmly so it snuggly fits around the muscles of your thumb.
  • Thumb CMC osteoarthritis which has progressed to significant subluxation with a shoulder sign(large bony bump at the base of the thumb) will not allow the MetaGrip to fit properly.
  • Those lacking normal muscle bulk of the thenar (thumb) muscles may experience inadequate stabilization as normal thenar muscle mass is required for optimal fit & function.
  • To determine the appropriate Push MetaGrip size, measure the circumference of the palm just below the knuckles, excluding the thumb (see below). This circumferential measurement indicates hand size, but not thumb size.
  • Please take this into consideration when choosing the appropriate size. If the measurement is near the size break point, only trying on both sizes can allow you to determine the best fit.
  • Ideal fitting around the thumb is accomplished by trying on the Push MetaGrip to assure proper fit. Professional measurement and fitting by a therapist/physician is suggested for optimal results.
Care and Maintenance:
  • Can be washed at temperatures up to 104°F on a delicate fabrics cycle or by hand. DO NOT use bleaching agents.
  • Before washing, close the straps to protect other laundry. A gentle spin cycle may be used followed by air drying.
  • DO NOT dry the orthosis on a radiator or in a tumble dryer or wash/dry in a dishwashing machine.
  • To increase the longevity of the brace:
    • Do not pull the straps too tightly; the support comes from the squeezing of the metal insert instead of from tightening the straps.
    • Keep the hook and loop straps free of dirt and debris to maximize adherence.
    • Do not frequently remove and reapply the MetaGrip as that will wear the straps prematurely.
    • Do not expose the brace to harsh chemicals or heavy soiling which can deteriorate the straps; use gloves during heavy cleaning or gardening.

Push MetaGrip Thumb Specifications

SizeMCP Circumference
Size 16 -3/8- 7- 3/4 inches
Size 27- 3/4 - 9 inches
Size 39-10-1/4 inches

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

question image
Can you please provide more specific instructions for how to measure for the proper size?  The instructions on this web page say "see below" as though there is a photo or diagram showing where to measure, but there is nothing to see.
Laura - 10/18/2019 12:21:45 PM
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