Best Selling Daily Living

Daily living aids or assistive devices help and support an individual during their daily routine. There are several medical conditions or health issues that might create problems while eating, dressing, sleeping, and walking or any other routine physical activity. Rehab Store brings to you adaptive healthcare supplies to assist you in your daily living and to make your life more independent, more mobile and easier. Our bestselling products help you perform all your routine-tasks with ease, comfort and safety. These adaptive devices aim to give independence to people with limited mobility so that they can pursue their daily lives without additional assistance of caregiver.

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Our Top Selling Independent Living Aids

Rehab Store offers healthcare products for daily living, from some of the best-selling brands such as - Sammons Preston, Blue Jay, NorcoFabLife and many more. These daily living aids are designed with assistive technology to enhance a person’s capability of executing routine activities such as walking, lifting, grabbing, eating etc. Our high quality healthcareaids for daily living include-

Leg-Lifters – Mobility Aid

Our leg-lifter straps are ideal for those who have restricted mobility issues and those who have undergone surgeries such as complete hip-replacement or the one who suffer from a leg-injuries. These leg/thigh lifters are designed in different colors and loops to suit your needs and preferences. These best-selling leg-lifting straps come in adjustable lengths, sizes and secure grip sizes for safe and convenient use.

Reachers- Reaching Aid

Our reaching-aids are designed for people with restricted flexibility to help them easily reach every inch and corner that is hard-to-reach. With these reachers you can easily access high-shelves in your kitchen, bathroom, and narrow-areas of your house or any place that requires excessive bending or flexible movements. Our light-weight aluminium reachers and pick up tools are among the best assistive devices for obstacle-free mobility. These best selling grabbing tools and reachers are designed with hooks, in-built magnets, rotating handles and come in adjustable lengths so that you can easily use them to perform your daily tasks.

Sock Aid – Socks Put On Assist Device

Our top-selling Sock-pullers and stocking sliders are designed for individuals with arthritis and those who find it difficult to bend. You can easily put-on your socks, stockings and compression socks with these sock aids. These sock sliders come with foam handles, hooks, sock notches, etc. and provide a comfortable grip and easy pull-up process. Our sock aids aim to make life easier for seniors with poor-mobility.

Weighted Utensils – Dining Aid

These top-selling adaptive utensils are specially designed for people with hand-tremors. The added weight stabilizes the hand and arm movement to control the shivering or shaking to facilitate the meals. These dining aids can be used by people of all ages. We have a wide range of tea spoons, table spoons, forks, knives and soup bowls that are made for controlled handling and good grip to reduce spilling of food.

Where can I buy the bestselling daily living aids online?

Rehab Store is the best place for all types of daily living products to help you with your mobility issues. Our top-selling products will bring flexibility in your daily life to perform all the tasks on your own without further assistance. Rehab Store aims to promote improved health and independent living. For amazing discounts at Rehab Store, shop now!