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Cognitive therapy or cognitive rehabilitation therapy or CRT is a rehabilitation therapy designed to enhance the cognitive functioning of the brain. A wide range of disorders and injuries can affect the functioning of the brain, especially the cognitive functions which leads to a various effects on the daily life of the individual. CRT or cognitive therapy helps in coping with these effects by either rehabilitating the individual or aiding them in various daily activities.

What Does Cognitive Mean?

Cognitive functions or cognition is the ability of an individual to acquire, process, and store information in their brain. Many a time, due to a disorder or an injury, the brain loses the ability to proper acquire, process, or store any kind of information leading to difficulties in executing daily activities. Cognitive therapy helps restore and cope with the loss of this ability by re-training the brain to understand the process of acquire, process, and store.

What Is Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy?

According to the Institute of Medicine, cognitive rehabilitation therapy or CRT attempts to enhance functioning and independence in patients with cognitive impairments as a result of brain damage or disease, mostly following a TBI or stroke. The process of cognitive therapy includes the participation of a wide range of professionals which includes speech-language pathologists, physical therapists, occupational therapists, psychiatrists, and many more.

How Does Cognitive Rehabilitation Therapy Work?

There are four major steps towards achieving a successful process of cognitive rehabilitation therapy or CRT. They include:
Education – Education for CRT basically implies making the individual understand the situation by diagnosing and informing them about the loss of abilities and designing routines to re-educate the brain about the processing and storing of information
Process Training – Process training in CRT revolves around the routines and schedules that include training the individual into re-learning the different processes or step-by-step system of doing a chore or an activity. For example explaining to them how to fill a glass with water and then lift the glass successfully to drink the water
Strategy Training – As complex as it sounds, strategy training for cognitive rehab therapy relies on the idea of making an individual regain the different strategies of simplifying an activity that each individual automatically learns during the process of growing up
Functional Activities Training – Functional activities training for CRT is physically getting an individual to do the activities while you observe them and correct them while they do it.

What Does Cognitive Therapy Include?

Cognitive therapy includes a wide range of activities and therapy processes that help enhance the ability of the brain in different aspects. They include:

  • Using adaptive daily aids such as dining aids, drinking aids, dressing aids, and bathroom safety aids, People with cognitive impairments are sometimes also less aware of their surroundings which might lead to falls and slips. Fall prevention aids can help reduce the chances of falling or tripping thus reducing the chances of injuries.
  • Balance and overall fitness can go a long way in training an individual during CRT and so exercise and fitness aids and balance therapy aids can be a great choice for people to ensure overall body health while undergoing therapy.
  • Speech therapy aids can be helpful for people who might have seen chances in their speech due to cognitive impairments. Stuttering and lisping is often associated with cognitive impairments and speech therapy aids can be of great help.
  • Fine motor and gross motor skills are also often affected by cognitive impairments and so cognitive rehab therapy can also be of great importance while re-training an individual in CRT to help regain their fine and gross motor skills.

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