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What Is Physical Therapy?

An injury or illness might result in a person facing difficulties while carrying out basic activities such as walking, sitting, standing, eating, dressing up, or using the bathroom. Physical therapy or PT helps a person execute these daily functions with ease while reducing the chances of complicating the conditions as well as expediting the healing process.

Physical therapy is used to provide care and assistance to individuals who suffer from physical disabilities or disorders that require them to adapt to their daily life activities, helping them function, move around, and live in a safer and healthier way. One of the oldest forms of rehabilitation therapies, physical therapy is one of the simplest ways to eliminate discomfort and pain.

What are the benefits of Physical Therapy Exercises?

Physical therapy has been proven to have a positive impact in the following cases:

  • In relieving pain
  • Recovery from sports injuries
  • Improving balance
  • Managing chronic illnesses like diabetes or arthritis
  • Managing incontinence
  • Rehab after surgery or stroke
  • Using assistive devices or mobility aids

What does Physical Therapy include?

Physical therapy or PT treatment can include a wide range of activities such as:

What are the types of Physical Therapies?

There are nine types of physical therapy based on the condition it is used for or based on different body types. They are:

  • Orthopedic PT – Helps in managing orthopedic conditions such as fractures, sprains, tendonitis, bursitis, and many more. It also includes rehab using joint mobilizations, manual therapy, mobility training, etc.
  • Neurological PT – This type of physical therapy helps in neurological disorders and conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and Parkinson’s.
  • Geriatric PT - As the name suggests, it is designed for the elderly who develop conditions such as arthritis, osteoporosis, balance disorders and incontinence
  • Pediatric PT – This physical therapy is designed to help manage conditions that affect children and adolescents such as developmental delays, spina bifida, etc.
  • Wound Care PT – Physical therapy of this kind helps in expediting the healing process of wounds by increasing the blood flow and oxygen supply to the wounds
  • Vestibular PT – Vestibular physical therapy is used to manage gait and balance problems by working on the ear, nose, and throat.

Where to buy Assistive Aids for Physical Therapy and Rehab online?

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