Axelgaard PALS Platinum Neurostimulation Electrodes With MultiStick Gel
Axelgaard PALS Platinum Neurostimulation Electrodes With MultiStick Gel

Axelgaard PALS Platinum Neurostimulation Electrodes With MultiStick Gel

Axelgaard PALS Platinum Neurostimulation Electrodes enhance patient comfort during stimulation by dispersing current evenly across the electrode while eliminating stinging, edge biting and hot spots. These electrodes work for all FES and TENS applications to achieve optimal current and maximize conformity to any body surface. The dual layer multistick hydrogel provides comfort with every application and optimizes multiple applications to the skin.

PALS Platinum Highlights

  • Patented stainless steel knit fabric design
  • Self-adhering and reusable electrodes
  • Proprietary lead wire technology

Item # Desc Pkg Reward Price
J10R00 1",Round 4/Pack $0.28
879100 1-1/4",Round 4/Pack $0.26
879100 1-1/4",Round 4/Pack, 10pk/Case $2.25
879200 2",Round 4/Pack $0.26
879200 2",Round 4/Pack, 10pk/Case $2.31
879300 2-3/4",Round 4/Pack $0.41
879300 2-3/4",Round 4/Pack, 10pk/Case $3.63
896240 2" x 4", Oval 4/Pack $0.41
896350 3" x 5", Oval 2/Pack $0.29
895220 2" x 2",Square 4/Pack $0.27
895220 2" x 2",Square 4/Pack, 10pk/Case $1.88
895240 2" x 3-1/2",Rectangle 4/Pack $0.41
895240 2" x 3-1/2",Rectangle 4/Pack, 10pk/Case $3.63
895250 2" x 5",Rectangle 2/Pack $0.28
895340 3" x 4", Oval 2/Pack $0.31
891100 1.1" x 2.5", Butterfly 4/Pack, 10pk/Case $2.40

Benefits of Axelgaard PALS Electrodes

  • Revolutionized performance with patented stainless steel knit fabric design
  • Patented conductive cloth Electrodes provide the ultimate in flexibility and conformity to ensure optimal current distribution
  • Impedence compensation system ensures optimal current distribution
  • Provides the reusability one can count on and the quality one can trust

Multistick Hydrogels:

Axelgaard PALS neurostimulation electrodes feature patented MultiStick hydrogel. Hydrogel top layer formulation is optimized for bonding to the electrode to prevent delamination and the bottom layer is especially formulated for multiple applications to skin. Controlled scrim placement of Axelgaard PALS provides consistent structural support. This multi-layer approach ensures the highest quality of electrodes.

Layers Of Multistick Hydrogel

Application Instructions:

Axelgaard PALS Application Instructions  1. Make sure skin is clean, dry and free from lotion.
Axelgaard PALS Application Instructions  2. Remove Electrodes by lifting the edge
Axelgaard PALS Application Instructions  3. While disconnecting or inserting pin, hold the pin connector.
Axelgaard PALS Application Instructions  4. Return Electrodes to the “On” side of the Release Liner.

  • Axelgaard PALS Platinum Neurostimulation Electrodes With MultiStick Gel are self-adhering and reusable electrodes
  • Patented conductive cloth provides the ultimate in flexibility and conformity
  • Impedence compensation system ensures optimal current distribution
  • Enhance patient comfort during stimulation
  • Eliminate stinging, edge biting and hot spots
  • Proprietary lead wire technology

What to buy with PALS Neurostimulation Electrodes?

How to use PALS Electrodes?

  • Electrodes are intended for single patient use
  • If Electrode gel becomes dry, re-hydrate with droplets of water
  • When not in use, always reseal Electrodes in their original package and store at room temperature
  • Use of hot and cold packs will cause an Electrode gel to break down over time


  • Do not submerge Electrodes in water
  • Do not remove Electrodes by pulling the lead wire
  • Do not pull the lead wire to remove the pin
  • Do not place the Electrodes on the CreamNo side of the Release Liner

Customer Reviews

Questions & Answers

Would you suggest any First Aid Measures during use of these electrodes?
Lisa - 9/23/2015 7:02:51 AM
answer image

Skin: If a skin irritation develops, discontinue use. Obtain medical treatment as needed.
Eyes: If eye contact occurs, flush with water for fifteen minutes. Obtain medical attention if soreness or redness persists. 
Inhalation: Seek medical attention if symptoms occur. 
Ingestion: If ingestion occurs, see a physician. 

Advice to Physicians: Treat symptomatically.
Customer Service - 9/23/2015 7:04:44 AM
Are there any side effects of these electrodes on eye or skin?
Ron - 9/23/2015 7:02:10 AM
answer image
Thank you for reaching out to us.

MultiStick® hydrogel has passed ISO 10993-1 requirements for skin contact. It demonstrated no cytotoxicity, no irritation, and no sensitization upon skin contact. 

Eye protection: Avoid eye contact. Use safety glasses. 
Skin protection: No adverse effects are expected. Normal work wear.
Customer Service - 9/23/2015 7:08:58 AM
Any guidelines on storage?
Bob - 9/23/2015 7:01:42 AM
answer image
Keep tightly closed to prevent evaporation of water. Store in cool, dry place. Keep away from heat. Hope that helps.
Customer Service - 9/23/2015 7:03:38 AM
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