Leg Lifters

Leg-lifter straps are designed for people with disabilities, elderly and injured individuals. These leg-lifting aids are made for better mobility and flexibility in leg movement. Rehab Store offers leg lifter straps to make your life independent and comfortable. Now you do not need to take any additional assistance from a caregiver. Our top selling straps provide aid to easily get in and out of the bed, car, or wheelchair; or to take a walk through any area independently. These straps are definitely best for those with limited range of motion due to arthritis, joint-pain or fractured ankle. It can also be used by individuals who have recently undergone hip-replacement or other leg surgeries; and those with the low leg-strength. Our lifting straps for legs are designed by some of the best manufacturers and brands such as - Patterson Medical, MTS, Medline Industries etc.


Our Top-Selling Leg Lifter Straps – Mobility Aid

Rehab Store offers leg-lifters from best-selling brands like- Sammons Preston, Safetysure, and many more. These lifter straps come in different designs and shapes. Some of our bestselling leg-lifters feature-

  • Large loops at both ends for simple positioning
  • Adjustable foot opening to accommodate leg-cast or swollen foot
  • Adjustable metal rods with durable webbing
  • Comes in wide range of colors and loop designs
  • Durable and strong for the repetitive use
  • Designed to handle heavy-weighted individuals also

How to use Leg Lifter Straps?

These straps have a grip handle at one end and a foot loop at the other, you just need to follow these simple steps-

  • Loop the leg-lifter over the foot
  • Hold the handle and control the led movement
  • You can support both legs also by keeping loop over one foot and crossing it under the other foot

Where can I buy the top-selling leg straps for leg-lift online?

Rehab Store is your place to buy the best-selling leg lifter straps to keep you mobile and safe during rehabilitation. Explore a wide range of our top-class straps for leg and choose the one that can help you position your legs and feet simple. Shop with Rehab Store and get attractive discounts!