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Buy a huge variety of finger splintswith amazing deals. We have splints for fingers that treat medical conditions like mallet fingers, jammed fingers, arthritis, and swan neck deformities. Finger braces provide stabilization, prevent further damage, and can help treat various injuries, such as fractures and damaged tendons.

What is a Finger Brace and Thumb Brace?

Finger brace is medical equipment designed to immobilize and straighten the injured finger and reduce the risk of further damage. Wearing a splint restricts or prevents the range of motion for a particular joint, decreasing pain and swelling. For individuals who undergo surgeries, fractures, or chronic conditions, a finger brace helps to heal them faster.

Conditions Treated with Finger Protectors

Splints for fingers treat various injuries and health conditions. Here are the common conditions treated with splinting:

  • Trigger finger
  • Mallet finger
  • Boutonniere deformity
  • Finger injuries
  • Finger Infections
  • Finger joint fractures
  • Osteoarthritis
  • Rheumatoid arthritis
  • Post-surgical tendon repair
  • Swan neck deformities
  • Sprained Finger

Types of Finger Splints

Buddy Splints - In the buddy splint, the injured or affected finger is taped with the support of the adjoining digit. Both the fingers are taped to a point above and below the injury in order to support, protect, and realign the finger. A buddy tape is normally used for mild strains and sprains. However not used for fractures. Rolyan Buddy Finger Straps is the best buddy splint for fingers.

Static Progressive Splints - Static splint uses inelastic components to control the movement of the finger by holding the joint in a specific position, either straight or slightly bent, depending on the conditions of injury. These splints are most suitable for fractures, tendon damage, or repetitive strain injury. Rolyan Static Progressive Finger Extension Splint is one of the best static finger brace.

Mallet Finger Splint - Stack splint or mallet finger splint protects mallet fingers, distal phalanx, extends the DIP joint, and nail bed injuries. Stack splints are engineered for injuries affecting the base to the fingertips of the finger. Stack splints fit over the end of the digit to support and hold the fingertip straight to prevent the joint from bending. Stack splints are usually made of perforated, translucent, semi-hard plastic, allowing a view of the injured fingertip and nail bed. Splints have holes to promote good airflow. Open-Air Stax Finger Splint is the best kind of mallet finger brace.

Dynamic Splint - Dynamic splints are designed to treat stiff joints. These splints are featured spring-loaded mechanisms to prevent excessive movement in a joint that is stiff. Dynamic splints are made of plastic, foam, and metal and are fit-sized, lightweight, comfortable to wear, and easy to operate. They are suitable to be worn at night or while the person is resting. Rolyan Adjustable Outrigger Kit For Extension is one of the best dynamic splints.

Finger Cast for Swan Neck Deformity - In swan-neck deformity (SND), the joint at the base of the finger and the outermost joint is flexed, and the middle joint is extended out because of injury or a health condition. SND restricts movement and causes pain in the finger and hand. 3pp Oval-8 Finger Splint is ideal for treating SND. A ring finger protector helps prevent hyperextension of the PIP, which resolves the flexion of the DIP.

Buying Guide for Trigger Finger Splint


Individuals should choose right-sized finger straighteners that provide enough support and stability to the injured finger. People with health conditions should check whether the splint supports their finger size.


Individuals should select finger protector with durable and comfortable material. Commonly splints are made of plastic, neoprene, foam, rubber, and metal. Plastic splints are washable to remove dirt. Neoprene splints are more comfortable and skin-friendly, mainly used for fractures and sprains


One should make a selection of finger brace which is lightweight, breathable, and comfortable enough to wear for long hours.


A finger brace should be secured to immobilize the finger and allow the user to wear the splint on either hand.


One should need to wear a finger straightener for different lengths of time as per doctor’s prescriptions. A robust and durable finger splint will serve you for a long period.

Where to Buy Finger Splint and Thumb Brace?

Rehab Store brings an extensive range of finger braces to help stabilize and support injured joints. These splints for fingers are from popular brands, namely Patterson Medical/Performance HealthNorth Coast MedicalDeroyal, and so on. Order now and grab exclusive discounts and offers.

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