Five Trigger Finger Splints That Work!

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A trigger finger, also called stenosing tenosynovitis, is a condition where one of your fingers remains in a bent position due to swelling of tendons that help flex fingers. The finger may bend or straighten with a snap, just like a trigger is pulled and released.

A trigger finger can cause pain, stiffness, and a sensation of locking or catching in a finger that makes it difficult to perform your daily tasks. The trigger finger condition can impact any finger, including the thumb. When an individual experiences trigger finger symptoms, the recommended first treatment method is typically a trigger finger splint. A trigger finger splint is an excellent treatment option for those who want to avoid surgery or drugs.

How does a Trigger Finger Splint help?

A trigger finger splint straps the affected finger into a straight position to keep you from moving the finger to promote rest and recovery. The trigger finger brace immobilizes the area of pain while allowing for a full range of motion in the rest of the hand. Your doctor may also recommend using a finger splint at night so the finger is at rest and mobile by the morning. Here are five trigger finger splints that are worth trying to relieve pain and stiffness.

5 Trigger Finger Splints for Pain Relief

1. Active Innovations Trigger Finger Splint

Active Innovations Trigger Finger Splint is developed by a leading orthopedic surgeon, and it can help reverse the trigger finger completely. The finger splint comes with a unique cushioning ring which provides a pad over the A-1 pulley to relieve pressure so you can resume daily activities. It allows the hand's protective fat pad to heal, making more aggressive treatments unnecessary.

Features and benefits of Active Innovations Trigger Finger Splint

  • Effective trigger finger relief: This finger brace is the first of its kind specifically designed to treat and cure trigger fingers non-invasively while providing maximum comfort and mobility.
  • Fits all fingers: No matter which finger is irritated by the trigger finger, this finger splint is designed to fit all fingers.
  • Padded comfort: The cushioning ring relieves pressure on the affected area and provides complete freedom of movement during daily activities. It also helps heal the fat pad at the base of the finger.
  • Immobilization: Active Innovations Trigger Finger Splint helps immobilize the affected area to prevent more damage and helps to speed up recovery.

2. Vive Trigger Finger Splint Brace

Vive Trigger Finger Brace stabilizes and supports the affected finger to reduce stiffness and effectively relieve trigger finger symptoms. This rigid aluminum finger splint limits the movement of the finger joint, which helps relieve discomfort, promote natural healing, and prevent re-injury.

Features and benefits of Vive Trigger Finger Brace

  • Pain relief: This splint for the trigger finger helps alleviate the locking and bending and provides firm support to the affected finger relieving pain.
  • Fits all fingers and thumb: This finger brace is designed to be worn on any finger on either hand, helping to reduce stiffness in the index, middle, ring, pinky finger, or thumb.
  • Adjustable fit: The Velcro strap on the finger brace adjusts to different finger sizes for full compression. The adjustable strap easily accommodates finger sizes up to 4" and palm circumferences up to 12".
  • Secure palm strap: This finger splint features a stabilizing palm strap that produces a secure fit and ensures the splint stays in place throughout any activity.
  • Lightweight comfort blend: Constructed with a lightweight and soft neoprene blend, this finger brace is suitable for use day and night. The soft, comfortable blend wicks away moisture for maximum comfort.

3. The Vive Trigger Finger Splint

The Vive Trigger Finger Splint helps support the finger and reduces stiffness preventing the joint from bending and the tendon from catching. This built-in aluminum splint limits movement to enhance healing and reduce injury.

Features and benefits of Vive Trigger Finger Splint

  • Effective trigger finger relief: This trigger finger brace supports and stabilizes the finger providing effective relief from stenosing tenosynovitis (trigger finger).
  • Fits all fingers: The universal trigger finger splint design allows the finger splint to be worn on any finger on either hand.
  • Comfortability: The finger splint is made of a breathable neoprene material that wicks away moisture for comfort, even during extended use.
  • Customized fit: It features extra-strong fasteners that can easily be adjusted for a secure fit and help reduce bunching and slipping.

4. Vive Extended Trigger Finger Splint

Vive Extended Trigger Finger Splint is a full-length aluminum splint that helps immobilize the affected area, preventing more damage and helping speed up recovery. This trigger finger brace utilizes three straps, including a finger, wrist, and palm strap, to ensure the splint stays in place without slipping and bunching. The trigger finger brace easily fits on all fingers, relieving extreme pain and discomfort.

Features and benefits of Vive Extended Trigger Finger Splint

  • Optimal support: Provides optimal support for the affected finger; the splint reduces stiffness and prevents the finger joint from locking up or catching. This finger brace is also useful for supporting fractures, sprains, post, and pre-surgery.
  • Fits all fingers and thumb: This full finger trigger brace is designed to be worn on any finger on either hand, accommodating finger widths up to 3.5”.
  • Adjustable fit: The splint utilizes a strong fastener finger strap, a palm strap, and a removable wrist strap. An integrated fabric D-ring allows the splint to be easily adjusted for the perfect fit.
  • Targeted support: The finger splint only immobilizes the affected finger and leaves the remaining fingers and wrist unhindered, allowing you to complete everyday tasks.
  • Breathability: It is lightweight and latex-free. The splint is made from breathable neoprene material, which wicks away moisture for all-day comfort.

5. Blackhawk Single Digit Outrigger Finger Splint Kit For PIP Extension

Blackhawk Single Digit Outrigger Finger Splint Kit is designed to address the limited joint range of motion or weakness of the finger or thumb due to stenosing tenosynovitis or other finger conditions. The kit includes adjustable components used to make five individual finger outrigger splints. Single outrigger components allow quick measurement of an involved digit into the proper 90° line of pull.

Features of Blackhawk Single Digit Outrigger Finger Splint Kit

  • A dynamic finger or thumb extension splint can be created in less time using this kit
  • This finger splint kit includes enough adjustable components to fabricate five individual finger outrigger splints.
  • The extension rod can be easily adjusted using the hex wrench
  • The splint is not intended for fixed bony contractures or unstable fracture conditions

Where can I buy a trigger finger brace online?

Rehab Store offers a vast collection of high-quality trigger finger splints offering a non-invasive treatment option to relieve trigger finger symptoms.

Depending on your symptoms and progress, your doctor should tell you when and how long you should wear the trigger finger brace.


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