Top Five Broken Toe Splints

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Having the toes injured is common. If getting your toe stubbed feels so painful, imagine getting your toe broken. Quite evidently, dealing with a fractured toe is hard, but Rehab Store has the five best broken toe splints to make it a little easier.   

How does a broken toe splint work?  

Toe splints are beneficial in dealing with broken toes. Toe splints correct the positioning of the toe by aligning the toe joints, and the material used to manufacture these toe splints facilitates comfort and relaxation for the toes. Broken toe splint comes in a huge variety, and very toe splint affects the toe differently.  

Causes of a broken toe  

There can be many causes for toe cramps based on the injury or the gravity of the damage. It might be a slight strain, toe cramp, or a broken toe. Some of the daily activities that can potentially lead to a broken toe are -   

  • Dropping a heavy object on your toe.   
  • Wearing the wrong-sized footwear.   
  • Stubbing your toes against a hard thing.   
  • Falling by your leg.   

Broken toe symptoms   

Broken toe symptoms are often ignored and left untreated. Toe cramping can often go unnoticed and lead to severe consequences. Hence, it is important to understand the signs and opt for an effective broken toe treatment. Some of the symptoms of toe pain are -  

  • Pain or strain in the toe   
  • Numbness  
  • A feeling of burning pain   
  • Swelling  
  • Discoloration of the toe  
  • Bruising  

A broken toe may get a little complicated if not treated in time. It can lead to graver consequences such as infection, chronic pain, or even arthritis. 

Top 5 toe splints for a broken toe   

Most of the time, minor toe injuries seem treatable with some home remedies; however, the case of a toe fracture requires medical attention. Your doctor will either prescribe a non-invasive treatment method, i.e., using a toe brace. 

Here are the top 5 broken toe splints -   

1. Pedifix Podiatrists Choice Toe Straightener 

The Pedifix Broken Toe Splint reduces pain and friction associated with crooked, overlapping, or flexible hammer toes. The comfortable slip-on pad and adjustable loop gently encourage proper toe alignment while a soft, dual-layer cushion comforts the ball-of-foot area.  

Why choose Pedifix Podiatrists Choice Broken Toe Splint? 

  • Soft elastic loops guide deformed toes into place comfortably. 
  • Interchangeable for the left or right foot. 
  • The Pedifix big toe splint is used for post-operative stabilization and alignment. 
  • This toe brace is also used to relieve pain or irritation from friction. 

2. Vive hammer toe splint 

Vive hammer toe splint supports hammertoes or claw toes and helps in reducing pain. This toe splint for hammer toe gently aligns and corrects the toes to relieve pain and friction.   

Why choose Vive hammer toe splint?   

  • This splint for hammer toe offers instant relief from toe cramps.  
  • Vive hammer toe splint is made of soft silicone gel. 
  • The hammer toe straightener is water resistant and repels sweat.  
  • It is comfortable to don under socks & shoes. 

3. Vive toe splint

Vive Toe splint is made of soft foam that gives cushioned support in hammer toes, claw toes, or overlapping toes. It properly aligns your toes to reduce pain, irritation & friction. This toe splint also comforts multiple toes (Vive double toe splint & Vive triple toe splint) to reduce the pain & pressure.   

Why choose Vive Broken Toe splint?  

  • The toe splint relieves painful hammer toes and broken toes. 
  • Straightens hammer toe to alleviate pain, pressure, and stiffness. 
  • Vive broken toe splint comes with an adjustable toe loop. 
  • It easily adjusts to fit any toe up to 3.5 in circumference.  
  • This toe protector fits on any toe on the left or right foot for comfortable relief throughout the day. 

4. Budin toe splint

Pedifix Budin toe splint comes with durable dual-layer foam padding providing alignment and correct posture to toes for every kind of injured toes, be it crooked toes, overlapping, or hammer toes. The Pedifix broken pinky toe splint has a single, dual, or triple toe configuration and a universal fit. This hammer toe splint is also used for several toe problems, including bunions, and toe alignment, to name a few. 

Why choose Pedifix Budin toe splint?  

  • Pedifix Budin comes with a dual-layer padded cushion. 
  • The toe protector has a cotton elastic toe band. 
  • The toe splint is a triple loop toe straightener.  
  • Pedifix toe brace has a slip-on-toe pad. 

5. Pedifix Visco-Gel Dual-Action Bunion Fix Toe Protector 

Pedifix visco-gel dual action bunion toe protector provides two-way comfort by separating and aligning crooked & overlapping toes and prevents toes from rubbing. This gel toe protector is attached with a bunion guard to protect the bunion joints from shoe friction.   

Why choose Visco-Gel Dual-Action Bunion Fix Toe Splint?

  • The bunion toe splint prevents the toes from rubbing together. 
  • This bunion protector protects the toe from shoe friction.  
  • The shoe toe protector is created with gel to soften and smoothen the toe. 

Home Remedies for Toe Cramps 

Toe injuries take time to get cured, and their treatment depends on the gravity of the injury. Minor toe injuries are often easily fixed with some home remedies, such as.   

  • Resting – having toe pain or toe cramp requires to take rest. You can’t be moving around while having a toe injury.   
  • Icing – Take a bag of ice and gently press it against the pain. It will relieve your pain and swelling.   
  • Massaging - Massage Therapy helps relieve pain and swelling in any body part. For toes also, massaging can reduce your injury.   
  • Arch-support shoes – Arch-support shoes keep your feet aligned and have soft padding to comfort your foot and toes. These can be the perfect way to reduce toe pain or toe cramping. These kinds of shoes can cure a lot of minor foot-related problems.  


Having a foot problem can be very disturbing, as they interrupt you from doing your daily tasks. It might affect your important work & routine, so if you have a toe cramp, it immediately needs to be cured. A toe splint makes it easier to heal your toe injuries, and you can conveniently continue your daily routine and tasks.  


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