5 Best Reviewed Walking Boots for Sprained Ankle

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Walking boots for sprained ankle are one of the most popular orthopedic aids simultaneously with regular treatment. A brace delivers comfortable, adjustable support for a sprained ankle, foot injuries, and stable fractures. These medical walking boots are often prescribed to alleviate ankle pain and swelling due to plantar fasciitis and tendonitis.

Many studies show that a functional brace for sprained ankle for early movement after surgery benefits patients with ankle fractures and allows for a significantly earlier return to work.

When to use a Walking Boot?

A sprained ankle boot is also used for treating -

  • Plantar flexion and non-fixed contractures
  • Heel pressure sores-by allowing the heel to float
  • Spasticity and inversion or eversion
  • Rotation and tendonitis
  • Plantar fasciitis
  • Ligament and tendon repairs

5 Best Reviewed Walking Boots for Sprained Ankle

1. Comfy Walking Boot

Comfy Boot is excellent for treating plantar flexion, foot drop, and wound care. The contours of the walking boot elevate, protect, and cushion the heel with the fleece-lined cover to avoid any pressure on the heel—an anti-rotation bar hidden under the fleece cover that is also used to control hip and leg rotation. The Comfy sprained ankle boot is often used to prevent healing pressure sores for bedridden patients.

Features of Comfy Foot Walking Boot

  • The Comfy orthopedic walking boot has a rubber sole with a non-slip surface.
  • It has an adjustable toe post to accommodate most foot sizes and a washable cover.
  • Comfy boots come with an antimicrobial surface protector that creates an invisible shield against mold and mildew, stains, bacteria, fungus, and algae.
  • Splint frame provides a dynamic push to an extension to correct foot drop, foot-ankle contractures, and deformity.
  • The rotator bar is positioned to the side to control hip and leg rotation.

Benefits of Comfy Ankle Support Boots

  • The soft fleece-lined cover wicks away moisture from the skin to maintain skin integrity and greatly reduces the risk of infection and readmissions.
  • Allows heel to float to eliminate pressure or friction on the heel and enhances blood circulation, which is vital to healing.
  • The boot for sprained ankle helps patients' position, transfer and ambulate.
  • That provides a walking base so patients can walk comfortably.
  • The Comfy Boot is the ideal AFO to help prevent plantar flexion contractures, control hip rotation, assist with wound care, avoid pressure on sensitive areas, and relieve foot drop and support structures.

What do customers say about Comfy Ankle Sprain Boot?

5.Star Reviews on Comfy Boot


06/13/22 by THERESA R. ”My husband is bedridden and feet have some contractures. These boots are a great buy. Works well and are comfortable. My husband fives A+. We got the version that has rotating bar ro keep foot from rolling to side."


2. Aircast AirSelect Short Walking Boot

The air cast boot is considered the most advanced pneumatic walking boot available in the market that provides compression for sprained ankle or injuries and foot injuries. The aircast is designed to offer superior comfort and faster healing. The air cast for ankle sprain helps support and protect the ankle and provides a solution for metatarsal fracture, stress fracture of the foot, and soft tissue injury.

Features of Short Walking Boot

  • The softstrike technology of the aircast is to absorb and dissipate shock.
  • The lightweight rocker sole combines to encourage a natural gait and a continuation of everyday activities.
  • The AirSelect cast for sprained ankle comes with a non-marking and skid-resistant rubber tread.
  • The cast has an intuitive integrated inflation system and permits quick and easy customization of each Aircell.
  • The ankle walking boot has a three-strap system that disperses pressure evenly and eliminates the pooling of edema.

Benefits of Aircast Walking Boot

  • The revolutionary design of the sprained foot boot lets the patient be in control for an individualized fit and greater traction and durability.
  • Quickly removes heel pain and enables a normal walking gait.
  • Helps with lessening forefoot angulations and reduces hyperextension of the knee.
  • Improved mobility of the wearer after an ankle injury or surgery.
  • The sleek, open-frame design of the boot for sprained ankle provides optimal ventilation and patient protection.

What do customers say about AirSelect Ankle Walking Boot?

3.5 Star Reviews on Aircast AirSelect Short Walking Boot


01/01/19 by Jan C. ”I love my Aircast Boot. It is a good product and functions well. The delivery was longer than was stated when I ordered. I am overall very happy with my boot!"


3. Medline Standard Ankle Walkers

The orthopedic walker boot is perfect for anyone needing the necessary support and comfort. It has a low-profile design that minimizes height difference allowing for a more even stride. Little extra support works wonders for a painfully sprained ankle, and the Standard Ankle Walker provides exactly what one needs to treat a sore or sprained ankle. The wide shape of the boot lets it fit either of the feet and keeps the possible swelling, extra bandages, or ankle braces in place.

Features of Medline Sprained Ankle Cast

  • The bottom of the walking boot is curved so it can rock back and forth.
  • Medline ankle boot for sprain has non-skid traction facilitating a safe walking process during healing.
  • A low-profile design minimizes the difference in leg height to help maintain a normal gait.
  • One leg strap and two-foot straps are adjustable for desired size and compression.
  • The versatile design of the standard walker accommodates a range of shoe sizes.

Benefits of Medline Standard Walking Boot for Sprained Ankle

  • The adjustable hook and loop straps of the walking boot fit comfortably.
  • The two straps across the top of the foot and one around the leg to help keep the boot secure.
  • The straps let the user tighten the compression and adjust the size to avoid the boot from sliding inside.
  • The ankle walking boot improves safety and stability and helps maintain a normal walking gait and balance.
  • The Medline walker even accommodates extra dressings and swelling.

What do customers say about Standard Ankle Walker by Medline?

5 Star Reviews on Medline Standard Ankle Walkers


11/29/20 by Sande R. ”This is just the walker I needed. It is well padded, can be well sceured and short enough to use without making my leg tired andd my back hurt."


4. Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Walker With Cushioned Sole

The Orthopaedic support ankle boots offer a very comfortable experience compared to other orthopedic ankle walkers on the market. Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Walker increases immobilization of the lower leg, ankle, and foot. The Cam Walker Boot by Advanced Orthopaedics is ideal for treating stable fractures and ankle sprains. The ankle support boot for ankle sprain is specifically designed to provide customized compression and support for day-to-day activities.

Features of Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Cam Walker Boot

  • The innovative air cell technology allows the air chambers to help keep the leg properly positioned within the ankle brace for enhanced stability.
  • The lightweight, extra low-profile polymer shell of the cam walking boot for durability.
  • This cutting-edge design improves your mobility throughout the day.
  • Inflatable bladder increases immobilization of the knee & ankle.
  • The ankle boot for sprain with a deluxe foam material is soft and squishy against your skin.

Benefits of Cam Boot by Advanced Orthopaedics

  • The walking shoe offers extra room for swelling, bandaging, and thick socks.
  • The cam walker boot eliminates any discomfort one might experience while moving throughout the day.
  • The cushioned sole of the cam walking boot promotes a smoother gait for efficient energy absorption.
  • The ortho boots help reduce impact and plantar pressures.
  • The high height is designed for the treatment of stable fractures and ankle sprains.

What do customers say about Orthopedic Cam Walking Boot?

5 Star Reviews on Advanced Orthopaedics Aero Walker With Cushioned Sole


09/08/19 by Michael. ”been using it a week now and it works like i expected. happy with purchase"


5. Ovation Medical Gen 2 Standard Pneumatic Walker

Ovation Medical Gen 2 Standard Pneumatic Walker reduces the shock absorption to the injured extremity by fifty percent, eliminating the inconsistency. The Gen 2 Standard Pneumatic Walker offers an ergonomic pump and single push-button to release air. The unparalleled stability of the walking boot for sprained ankle hinders the extremity of sliding while elevated, making it easier to comply with the doctors' recommendations.

Features of Pneumatic Walking Boot Gen 2

  • The revolutionary shock pod system absorbs over 50% of the energy from each heel strike providing unparalleled comfort and stability.
  • Patented and innovative pneumatic pump system with 'push button' release of air for superior ease of use.
  • The contoured struts are flared to fit the extremes of patient anatomy.
  • The uniquely sculpted design of Gen 2 Walking Boot has unique pre-relieved contoured areas for patient comfort and safety.
  • The Intuitive edgeless sole delivers a 3-dimensional gait and easy pivoting.

Benefits of Gen 2 Pneumatic Walker

  • Gen 2 Walking Boot protects those with lower extremities.
  • The impeccable and dynamic construction of the Gen 2 offers the optimal degree of convenience and efficiency.
  • The user-friendly pump contours the wearer's unique anatomy and removes the soreness of the tibia bone.
  • The intuitive sole provides an exceptionally fluid and effective gait pattern.
  • The Gen2 boot for sprained ankle reduces the shock absorption by fifty percent.
  • The mindfully manufactured Gen 2 ankle sprain boot is remarkably sturdy and dependable.

What do customers say about Ovation Medical Gen 2 Standard Pneumatic Walker

5 Star Reviews on Ovation Medical Gen 2 Standard Pneumatic Walker


07/14/19 by Korey. ”Exactly the same as provide by ortho dr office. at the price it is nice to have a 2nd brace to rotate while one is being washed."



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