Dysphagia Cups

Dysphagia is a medical term for the condition where a person faces difficulty while swallowing or drinking something. It is condition which is difficult to be detected by the patient themselves as it shows no major outer symptoms. But as it increases, it can lead to other severe conditions such as dehydration, malnutrition, and renal failure.

If there is a problem with the mouth or the throat, then exercises are advised to the patients. These exercises are combines with dietary plans and swallowing therapy. If the esophagus is the affected area, then medication or surgery is required.

For those with difficulty in drinking, Dysphagia cups come in handy. These cups are ergonomically designed to be spill proof. They position the liquid in the center of the mouth and direct it right down the throat. Vacuum cups are designed to create a vacuum in the mouth in which the liquid is directly pushed down the esophagus. Other types of Dysphagia cups include those with snorkels, with long spouts, and with feeding cups.

Dysphagia CupsFor example the Provale Regulating Drinking Dysphagia Cup helps preserve the dignity of those who suffer from Dysphagia or disorders associated with difficulties swallowing. It prevents over-delivery of fluid. It can be used with water and nutritional supplements. It is designed to utilize normal drinking motion. It has broad base to minimize tipping and spilling. The Wonder-Flo Vacuum Cup is made of durable molded polypropylene, consisting of a tumbler, a tight fitting top with spout and a rubber button used for controlled feeding, if needed. It is designed for people suffering from Dysphagia and to those individuals who are incapable of drawing the liquid out by themselves. It is microwaveable and contains latex.

Dysphagia Cups

The Medeci Cup has two attachable and easy to hold handles that slide easily into the fluted slots on the sides of the cup. This results in best holding position for the individual user. Tops and spouts reduce the risk of spillage. The Dysphagia Cup helps in drinking while tucking the chin toward the chest which gives normal swallowing mechanisms time to work. Its design helps prevent liquids from escaping at the lips and directs the liquid to the center of the mouth.



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