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What is Bedside Bathing?  

Bedside bathing is done for those people who are bedridden, or are unable to take bath or wash their hair. It includes different types of products for safety, convenience and maintaining hygiene of the patients such as inflatable hair wash basin, shampoo cap and others. Rehab Store offers a variety of products from the top manufacturers like Medline Industries, Patterson Medical/Performance Health, Ez-access, and others. 

How do Bedside Bathing Products Help?  

  • These bathing aids make it easier for caregivers to give patients a quick and relaxing bath.  
  • They help in maintaining daily hygiene of bedridden patients and reduce the chances of bathroom falls.  
  • An inflatable hair wash basin is filled with air to cushion the neck of the patients.  
  • Provides a shampoo cap to shampoo their hair without water.  
  • Many of them even come with built-in pillows for the head to rest. When seated, hair washing trays become a preferable option for bathing bedridden patients.  
  • They mount on the shoulder of the patient into the sink and work as a platform to wash the hair.  
  • Hanging bedside showers provide water to rinse the hair while giving in-bed shampoos.  

Types of Bedside Bathing Products  

Daily bed baths are usually provided to improve patient’s hygiene and promote comfort, it improves health outcomes. Rehab Store provides all kinds of bathing products for patients, like shower chairs, commode chairs, bariatric bath safety, and bedside bathing products. These bedside bathing products are convenient for caregivers and comfortable for the patient, they are lightweight and easy to use. Here are some of the bedside products to use for bathing-  

  1. Inflatable hair wash basin - The inflatable hair wash basin is ideal for people who are not able to safely access a shower or bath. The patient needs to put his head in the inflatable hair wash basin, and the caregiver can easily wash their hair. It allows the user's hair to be washed while in bed or in a chair. 
  2. Hanging bedside shower - Hanging bedside shower hangs on the bedside and holds two and a half gallons of water, enough to shampoo and rinse hair completely. This shower is used for safety, comfort, and ease for in-bed shampoos. This shower has an easy-fill spout that prevents splashing and snaps shut for a water-tight seal.  
  3. Shampoo Cap - Shampoo Cap needs to be heated in a microwave prior to use. Place the shampoo cap on the person's head and gently massage to clean and condition hair. It cleans and softens hair without using traditional methods. A shampoo cap eliminates the need to move patients to run water. It is self-contained and pre-moistened with a gentle, rinse-free shampoo and conditioner.  

Buying Guide for Bed Bath Supplies  

  1. Easy To Use Supplies for Bed BathsBathing a bedbound patient is an important task. Therefore, it is important to find a portable shampoo bowl that is easy to use and offers comfort to the patient and convenience to the caregiver. 
  2. Durable Products for Bed Baths– Inflatable hair wash basin are used daily, thus, it is essential to go for an inflatable hair wash basin that offers durability and value for money. 

Where to buy Hair washing sink? 

Rehab Store offers you the most convenient and easy-to-use products for safe bedside bathing. These hair washing basins are manufactured by Graham-field Health Products Inc., Maddak Inc., Mckesson, No-rinse, Alimed, and many others. 

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