Where Else Can I Use My Rehab Store Reward Dollars!

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Reward dollars are the best thing you can get when you purchase something at Rehab Store. Why you ask! Because you’re next purchase becomes cheaper every time. Let’s assume you buy something worth $100 at Rehab Store and win 10% Reward Dollars for your purchase, you now have $10 in your reward dollar account. When you come back to Rehab Store for your next purchase, simple use your $10 reward balance to make your new purchase $10 cheaper! And not just Rehab Store, there are several partner stores where you can use your reward dollars to make your final billing amount cheaper! Here’s a list of the other stores where you can use the reward dollars you earn at Rehab Store.

1. Shop Wheelchair

Shop Wheelchair is an all-in-one store for all your mobility needs. With products designed to provide the user complete mobility and independence, Shop Wheelchair offer a wide range of wheelchairs, canes, crutches, walkers, rollators, scooters and accessories that you might need for your everyday mobility. How about a cup holder for your wheelchair or additional crutch tips to make walking around easier and lighter? There’s something in store for everyone’s mobility needs. You can use the reward dollars from Rehab Store to make your Shop Wheelchair purchase cheaper.

2. Damozelle

Women’s health supplies under one roof! Damozelle is the one-stop-shop for all your women’s health needs such as mastectomy supplies, menstruation aids, mastectomy clothing, women’s clothing, and much more. Once you earn reward dollars at Rehab Store, browse through the extensive women’s health catalog at Damozelle to redeem your RD and make your purchase cheaper. Whether you’re looking for a breast form or bra, a camisole or a pessary, Damozelle has something for every woman.

3. Patient Room

What if you choose to use your Rehab Store reward dollars to shop for a patient transfer aid or patient protection supplies? Patient Room is the right store for you all your patient care and protection needs. Choose from a wide range of best patient care supplies that include clinical furniture, patient protection aids, fall safety aids, hospital beds, mat tables, exercise tables, lift chair, patient transfer boards, and much more. Once your reward dollar account at Rehab Store has been credited, log on to Patient Room, choose the medical supplies you need, and use your reward dollars to make the purchase cheaper.

4. Shop Catheters

You can also use your reward dollars to buy recurring medical supplies! Shop Catheters is an all-in-one store for all your catheterization and urological needs. With an array of catheters, bed pans, urinals, incontinence supplies, ED supplies, drainage bags and much more, Shop Catheters gives you the option of using your Rehab Store reward dollars to make the purchase cheaper than before.

So what are you waiting for? Choose from the best in health and wellness supplies from any of our partner stores and use the Rehab Store reward dollars for a cheaper bill. There’s no limit to the number of stores you can use your reward dollars on, so log on to our partner stores now. And if you don’t have reward dollars in your account at Rehab Store, choose the right fitness and rehab aids for your everyday health from Rehab Store and activate your reward dollar account now!


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