ComforTrac Cervical Traction - Home Traction Device

ComforTrac Cervical Traction - Home Traction Device

Brand/Manufacturer: ComforTrac
  • FSA Approved

ComforTrac Cervical Traction - Home Traction Device has been carefully engineered to provide maximum comfort, efficacy, and ease of use. The details that highlight this superior design include a push-of-a-button quick release pump and a contouring memory foam headrest that cradles the head. Cervical traction is designed to treat the musculoskeletal and neurological impairment of the cervical spine to relieve pain, relax muscle spasms, and decompress the spinal structure.

Components of ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device

  • 1 ComforTrac Cervical Device
  • 1 Hand Pump with Gauge
  • 1 Instruction Manual
  • 1 Neck Cushion


Item # Desc Pkg Price
COMFORTRAC Home Traction Device Each

Why choose ComforTrac Cervical Traction?

  • Fully adjustable angle of Incline without the need to order extra parts
  • Memory pillow conforms comfortably to the head
  • Independently adjustable neck wedges provide a custom
  • Patented hand pump makes it easy to increase or decrease traction force
  • Press the quick release button to release the cervical traction force

ComforTrac Cervical Features

  • Maximum force: 50 lbs
  • Fully adjustable angle of incline: 10, 15, and 20 degrees
  • Effortless pumping: With a patent-pending design
  • Easy to read pressure readout: Hand pump displays force in both pounds and kilograms
  • Fully adjustable wedges: Independently adjustable neck wedges
  • Designed for comfort: Memory foam headrest material
  • Easy to use: Quick-release design

What to buy with ComforTrac Home Cervical Traction Device

How does ComforTrac Cervical Device work?

  • Comfortrac Cervical is a traction device that provides home cervical traction in an effective, comfortable, and proper way
  • It is designed to replicate traction treatment you may receive from a physical therapist or clinician
  • The Comfortrac Cervical is designed to use traction to relieve chronic or acute pain
  • It is important that the treatment recommendation from your clinician be based on a trial of the Comfortrac Cervical, and not another traction device. This will ensure that your clinician’s recommendations are precise with regard to treatment force (shown on the gauge as ‘pounds/ kgs of force’), usage, position, and treatment duration.
  • Your practitioner or therapist may provide you with directions on the proper mode of Comfortrac Cervical operation for your condition. Do not deviate from his/ her directions.
  • It is important to understand that pain is a symptom of an underlying condition, and the Comfortrac Cervical has no curative effect on the cause of your pain. Therefore, home cervical traction is not a substitute for proper medical evaluation and treatment.

Cautions: A slight stretching sensation and/or some mild discomfort may occur during the use of this traction device. However, at no time should you feel any pain. If pain is increased in your neck, arms or upper back, or if you experience nausea, dizziness, or any other type of pain or discomfort, immediately discontinue the use of this traction device and seek the counsel of a medical professional and/or your health care provider. Do not begin to reuse this traction device until you have consulted your health care provider. The application of excessive force or the improper application of traction may result in additional injury or may aggravate a pre-existing medical condition.

How to care for ComforTrac Device?

  • Cleaning - Use only mild detergents to clean the Comfortrac Cervical.
  • Troubleshooting - The Comfortrac Cervical features a high quality gauge designed to be extremely accurate. If traction force reading drops, it was most likely caused by head movement or repositioning. To rectify, slowly pump back to the desired traction force reading.
  • Storage - Store your Cervical in a cool, dry place. Should the temperature of the unit exceed over 1000F or below 500F, return to ambient temperature before operating.

ComforTrac CTD User Manual

Specifications of ComforTrac CTD Machine

Particulars Description
Maximum Force 50lbs
Angle Of Incline 10,15 and 20 degrees
Neck Wedges Independently Adjustable
Headrest Material Memory Foam
Handpump Display force in both pounds and kilograms
Testing 15000 cycles which equals using 3 times daily for 15 years


Warranty of ComforTrac Home Traction Device

3 Years Warranty

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