Aspen Vista TX Cervical Collar

Aspen Vista TX Cervical Collar

  • FSA Approved

Aspen Vista TX Cervical Collar improves patient care while saving time, money, and storage space. With its innovative height adjustment technology, the Vista TX is really six collars in one. It reducing storage and inventory costs while improving patient care. The Vista TX encompasses all of the features and benefits of the Vista Cervical Collar, with an easily detachable thoracic extension, which provides added coverage in the thoracic region.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
984100 Collar Only Each
984102 Collar with Extra Pads Each

Why choose Vista TX Cervical Collar?

Added Thoracic Coverage

Encompassing all of the features and benefits of the popular Vista Cervical Collar, The Vista TX also features a detachable thoracic extension for added coverage in the thoracic region.

Inventory Management

Inventory Management

By incorporating six sizes in one collar, the Vista TX Collar eliminates the cost of storing multiple sizes, frees up valuable inventory space, and eliminates SKUs. The Vista TX Collar helps reduce the waste associated with sizing errors and eliminates the need to change collars due to sizing as patients become ambulatory.

Dial Height Adjustment

Simply pull and turn the Height Adjustment Dial to select one of six Vista TX height settings.

Dial Height Adjustment
Extra Large Patient Access Window

Extra Large Patient Access Window

Provides functional access for airway management and other essential procedures.

Effective Skin Care

Cotton-lined Aspen Medical pads wick moisture from patient’s skin while clickable polyurethane foam assures optimal pressure distribution.
Effective Skin Care

When to use Aspen Vista TX Collar?

  • Post-operative
  • Kyphoplasty
  • Traumatic cervical injuries
  • Cervical disc herniation
  • Severe strains/sprains
  • Radiculopathy

Aspen Vista TX Cervical Collar User Manual

What to buy with Vista Cervical Collar

How to use Aspen Cervical Collar?


  • Pre-form the back ends of the side panels so they are slightly curved.
  • With the head in neutral alignment, press the back panel down onto the bed and slide it behind the patients neck.
  • Velcro straps should be between the patients ear and the trapezius.


  • Front panel should be at the lowest setting to begin. While pulling the sides of the front panel apart, position the bottom of the tracheal aperture at the sternal notch.
  • Position the sides up and over the trapezius muscles.
  • It is fine if the chin piece is not touching the chin.


  • While holding the collar against the chest, pull out the dial to unlock.
  • Turn the dial clockwise to raise chin piece.
  • When the chin piece is supporting the chin, release the dial and it will self-lock.


  • While holding the front panel in place, attach the loop strap on each side.
  • To tighten, anchor your fingers in on the collar and peel back the loop strap on one side, tighten and reattach.
  • Tighten the other side equally and repeat as needed to ensure a snug, symmetrical fit.
  • Check to see that the back of the chin piece is not pressing inward on the throat.
  • If it is, lift the back ends of the side panels up and off the trapezius muscles.

Safety Tips:

  • Patients chin should be close to the front of the chin piece but the back of the chin piece should not press on the patients throat.
  • All slack between the front and back panels must be removed to ensure a secure fit.
  • Patient often changes position, so it may be desirable to readjust the height and the back panel straps.

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