Hollister Adapt Ostomy Skin Barrier Paste

Hollister Adapt Ostomy Skin Barrier Paste

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  • Latex Free

Hollister Adapt Ostomy Skin Barrier Paste is used to fill or caulk uneven skin contours to create a flatter surface. It helps to prevent drainage from getting under the ostomy skin barrier. Adapt Paste may help extend the wear time of the skin barrier. This latex-free ostomy paste contains alcohol.

Why choose Adapt Paste?

  • Easy-to-squeeze tube
  • Harmless to the stoma
  • Serves as a caulk, not a glue or adhesive
  • Not made with natural rubber latex
  • Two convenient tube sizes

Item # Desc Pkg Price
79301 0.5oz (14g) Tube Each
79301 0.5oz (14g) Tube 5/Pack
79301 0.5oz (14g) Tube 20/Pack
79300 2oz (60g) Tube Each
79300 2oz (60g) Tube 5/Pack

Features of Hollister Adapt Skin Barrier Paste

  • Adapt Paste will not harm the stoma or cause it to stop draining
  • Protects skin and often extends the life of the skin barrier
  • Paste is not an adhesive, and too much paste may actually interfere with a good seal
  • Hollister Stoma Guard is used to caulk and fill skin crevices to improve the fit of a skin barrier
  • Prevents liquid drainage from getting between skin and skin barrier
  • The low-alcohol paste helps to minimize stinging
  • Provides improved skin barrier fit to use to prevent ostomy drainage from getting under the pouch seal
  • This ostomy paste performs better if it is allowed to sit for a short time before it is applied to the skin
  • Easy-to-squeeze tube: A soft tube that can be emptied down to the last drop
  • Red Cap: Because it is highly visible, the red cap is easily seen when it is removed from the tube

What are the ingredients of Adapt Ostomy Skin Barrier Paste?

  • Butyl Ester Of Pvm/ma Copolymer
  • Ethyl Alcohol
  • Pectin
  • Polysorbate 20
  • Sodium Carboxymethylcellulose
  • Polyethylene Fibers
  • Silica
  • N-butyl Alcohol
  • Allantoin
  • Methylparaben
  • Butylparaben

What to buy with Hollister Ostomy Paste

How to use Adapt Skin Barrier Paste?

  1. Wash and dry skin thoroughly
  2. Apply a small bead of Adapt Paste at the inner edge of the skin barrier, next to the opening where the stoma will be
  3. Let it sit while the user removes the used pouch and cleans and dries the skin
  4. Apply additional adapt colostomy paste to uneven areas near the stoma if needed
  5. Apply ostomy pouch as usual
Adapt Paste

How to remove Skin Barrier Adapt Paste?

  1. The Hollister adapt paste will come off when the user removes the pouch
  2. If the user is changing the pouch after a very short time (less than a day), the user may see paste residue that should be gently lifted from the skin
  3. If a small amount of paste residue still adheres to the user's skin, but it appears clean, the user can apply the new pouch over it


  • Contains alcohol.
  • Do not apply to severely irritated or eroded skin, open cuts, or sores.
  • A temporary stinging sensation may occur if applied to irritated skin.
  • Sharing the product with multiple users creates risk of infection.


  • Remove skin barrier release liner before applying the paste.
  • Contact a stoma care nurse or healthcare practitioner for help with the pouching ostomy system or skin irritation.
  • In case of serious injury (incident) in relation to your use of the product, please contact your local distributor or manufacturer and your competent local authority.

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