Hollister New Image Two-Piece Standard Wear Flat Cut-to-Fit FlexWear Ostomy Skin Barrier

Hollister New Image Two-Piece Standard Wear Flat Cut-to-Fit FlexWear Ostomy Skin Barrier

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Hollister New Image Cut-to-Fit Two-Piece Standard Wear Skin Barrier for ostomies guards against corrosive drainage on the skin. Its unique floating flange relieves strain on abdomens that are still sore after surgery. The floating flange ensures confidence by offering the highest level of security with its innovative locking system, which snaps into place audibly.

Item # Desc Pkg Price
14202 Green, 1.75" (44mm) Flange Size, Up to 1.25" (32mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack
14203 Red, 2.25" (57mm) Flange Size, Up to 1.75" (44mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack
14204 Blue, 2.75" (70mm) Flange Size, Up to 2.25" (57mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack
14206 Yellow, 4" (102mm) Flange Size, Up to 3.5" (89mm) Stoma Opening 5/Pack

Features of Hollister New Image Flat FlexWear Skin Barrier

  • Provide excellent adhesion to the skin and is designed to be worn for more than one day
  • The floating flange allows fingers to be placed under the flange to help minimize pressure on the abdomen when attaching a pouch
  • New Image Flat FlexWear Skin Barrier with integrated beige floating flange
  • Comes with a tape border
  • Designed to be used with any New Image drainable, closed, or urostomy pouch with the same flange size
  • Synthetic skin barrier that provides excellent adhesion to the skin
  • Designed to be worn for more than one day
  • More resistant to breakdown because of the internal integrity of its cross-linked molecular structure
  • Good choice of the skin barrier for colostomies or ileostomies where longer wear time is desired

What to buy with Hollister Ostomy Skin Barrier

How to use Hollister New Image Cut-to-Fit FlexWear Skin Barrier?

Collect Supplies:

  • Gather ostomy pouch
  • Skin barrier
  • Disposal bag
  • Tissue and cloth for cleaning
  • Water
  • Optional: scissors , pen, measuring card, and accessories.

Prepare the Skin Barrier

Prepare the Skin Barrier and Pouch
1. Measure the stoma using a stoma measuring guide before every barrier application (if using a pre-sized barrier opening, go to step 4).
Prepare the Skin Barrier and Pouch
2. Trace the determined barrier size opening onto the skin barrier. The skin barrier should fit where the skin and stoma meet. Verify that no skin is showing between the skin barrier and the stoma to help prevent leakage and skin irritation.
Prepare the Skin Barrier and Pouch
3. Using small curved scissors, carefully cut an opening in the skin barrier to match the pattern. Do not cut beyond the line on the release liner.
Prepare the Skin Barrier and Pouch
4. Remove the release liner from the skin barrier. Set aside with adhesive facing up.

Remove used Pouching System:

Remove Used Pouching System
1. Carefully lift an edge of the adhesive and peel downward, gently pushing the skin away from the skin barrier. Properly dispose of used pouch and skin barrier. Do not flush down toilet.
Clean and Dry Skin
2. Clean the skin with water or with gentle soap as recommended by your healthcare professional. Rinse and dry thoroughly. Do not use oils, powder, lotion, or lotion-type soaps on the skin.

Apply the Hollister New Image 2-Piece Pouching System:

Apply the New Pouching System
1. Center the skin barrier opening over the stoma in a diamond shape. For tape bordered barriers, remove the backing paper on both sides and press adhesive against the skin.
Apply the New Pouching System
2. Apply gentle pressure to the skin barrier for about a minute for best adhesion.
Apply the New Pouching System
3. Attach the drainable ostomy pouch to the skin barrier by engaging the lower edges of the pouch flange and the skin barrier flange. Press the two flanges together. A series of "clicks" will confirm you are doing it correctly. No more "clicks" means the pouch is secured.

Hollister New Image Skin Barrier Usage Tips

  • If using a barrier ring or paste, apply it to the sticky side of the skin barrier next to the stoma opening as directed
  • The skin around your stoma should not show any signs of rash or sores
  • Irritated skin should be evaluated by a healthcare professional
  • Your stoma will probably be swollen after surgery. It may take several weeks or months for the stoma to shrink to its permanent size.
  • The stoma may bleed slightly when you clean it.
  • The use of skin protective wipes are not recommended under extended wear skin barriers as they may decrease wear time.

Hollister New Image Flat Cut-to-Fit Ostomy Skin Barrier User Guide

Hollister Two-Piece Ostomy System FAQ

How do I know which size barrier ring to use – the 2" or the 4"?

A. Most people find the 2" ring works best to stretch or shape for a customized fit around the stoma. The 4" ring can be used as a full ostomy skin barrier or broken into smaller pieces to provide a seal around the stoma.

Why would I choose to use a 2" slim ring (2.3 mm in thickness)?

A. A slim barrier ring is designed to be stretched and shaped like the standard version but offers a low profile.

Is there a top or bottom to the barrier ring?

A. No, either side may be applied to your skin

My stoma is not round. Can I still use the barrier rings?

A. Adapt barrier rings can be easily stretched and shaped for a customized fit.

I used to use paste. Are the barrier rings better than paste?

A. There are many advantages to using Adapt barrier rings instead of paste. For some people, barrier rings are easier to apply and remove than paste. Barrier rings are more durable and tend to be more resistant to erosion from your ostomy discharge. Most people find that the barrier rings eliminate the need for paste.

Can I use this if my skin is irritated?

A. Yes, Adapt barrier rings are alcohol-free, so there is no sting from the alcohol when applied to broken or irritated skin.

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